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Paul azinger doesn't know too much about the golf swing (if his appearance with Chamblee on the golf channel is any indication), so i don't take what he says too seriously.

Plus, his evidence is really anecdotal. "I don't remember jack ever saying that?" That's basically useless.

Or, what about hogan? He was a swing obsessive like tiger and it obviously didn't make him worse.

Glad I wasn't alone with this observation.

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Azinger has been effusive in his praise of Tiger in the past. I think, whether or not he realizes what he is doing, he is actually trying to motivate Tiger with this bulletin board material.

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Injuries are a huge part of the Tiger narrative.  Of course, it's more sympathetic to say the swing changes were driven by a desire to avoid injury rather than a desire to be even more dominant.  But the cause and effect relationship between the training regime and the injuries, between the swing changes and the injuries, is not clear.  As I remember the sequence of events, the public information about the injuries came after, not before the first swing change ('though before the second swing change).  What was going on before that is pretty closely held within Team Tiger.


Woods was a ferocious competitor in his prime (he's still up there on the intensity scale).  It's easy for other pros and talking heads today to second guess some of the calls he made when he was in his prime.  But he was the guy.  Personally, I respect him for the heart and the fire and drive to get even better when he was the best, even if rationally I can appreciate the validity of Azinger's point and the aptness of the comparison to Nicklaus.


Incidentally, Jack may have tweaked his swing under Groat, but I'll guarantee you he didn't twerk.  Just sayin' . . .

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