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Hello fellow golfers

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I'm a warehouse worker and I live in Belle Union Indiana. I'm 53 years old and just started playing golf. Playing video golf (I currently play WGT, game id boxkite) is what sparked my interest in to wanting to play real golf.

 I helped a non golfing friend of mine clean out a storage unit and ended up with four complete set of clubs for my services. Sorry no brand names. I got a old set of hippo John Daly's. I gave these ones to my brother so I'd have someone to play golf with. I got a old set of Wilson 1200 LT's. I like these clubs ok, but the grips are showing signs of dry rot. I also got a older set of MacGregor tourney's. These clubs are cool because the woods are still made of wood. But they're not cavity backs so I stay away from them. The set I like best and the one I use is a set of King Snake mr over size. I don't know if this is a good set for a beginner or not, but they seemed to be the best set out of the four I got. 10.5 driver,3w,5w 3i-pw,sw. I replaced the putter with a MTA sport (mallet) putter.

 I play golf with my brother and my nephew. We're all beginners and I can beat them. lol. Don't worry if you ever get stuck behind us playing golf. We will let you play through.

 As of now I played 3 nine hole rounds. 1st time was bad, I shot a 72 (9 holes). 2nd time worst, 73 (9 holes). Saturday my 3rd time out I shot a 62 (9 holes). I felt good about that. But then again I don't know what a good nine hole score should be for a beginner. My goal for my next outing is to shoot under 60. 120 if I do 18.

 I guess I could say I'm hooked on this game now. Or maybe I should say sliced on this game. lol.

               Thank you all, and good luck.

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A 9 hole score of 50 would be a good starting point. Usually averaging less than 3 putts per green can get a golfer close to that number.


Keep those wooden woods. I have a set of Ping Eye 2 Woods, (5 clubs) that I take out of moth ball every so often just for the fun of it. I still maintain that the Ping Eye 2, two wood was one of the best forgiveness clubs that was ever manufactured.  


I am new here also. You'll have a good time. Lots of info available. :-)

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Short iron, welcome to the trap! 

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Welcome to TST.

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