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Help me pick new irons

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I'm ready to get more into my game and try to improve.  I'm a high handicap player with an old set of blades that were given to me.  I'm ready to buy a new set of Game Improvement irons,  and have been looking at the Callaway XHot,  X2Hot,  and  Razor X.  I want to set a limit of  $500.  I've read good reviews on XHot,  and even Diablo Edge,  but was thinking that the newer sets,  like the X2Hot would have newer technology in them,  and would be the way to go.  Am I wrong?


Any ideas or thoughts on these clubs?  How would you rank them?  Also,  are there others that you would consider in that price range?  


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I think you have to really do your best to make sure everything you want in a club is there. If you have to make a sacrifice, minimize it. $500 isn't chump change. Obviously you need to try and hit the clubs and see how they feel before buying.

Ask yourself:
1. Do I feel confident looking down at these clubs.
2. How did it feel when struck well vs poorly.
3. Do you like the look?
4. Do you favor a brand? Why?

Some things may seem trivial but you're laying down $500 so be honest with yourself. Write down what matters most to you and what is best for you then do some research to narrow it down and start testing.

Most brands have what's possibly marketing hype referred to as "game improvement" irons.
If you really want Callaway then test them out. If you're open to other brands then simply research them and build your list. You can easily get overwhelmed so be honest. If you know you'll unlikely want Adams over Callaway then leave Adams off the list.

If you're in no hurry (I'm guilty of this....too anxious to wait too long) then test away. But as a high handicapper I'm sure you could list a few brand names and narrow it down and find a club you're happy with pretty easily.

Let us know how it goes and what you choose! It's awesome!!
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I've hit the X2 hot irons, I think they are really nice. But, I would also suggest you follow Vinsk's advice. There's nothing like buying a set of clubs off of craigslist or e-bay, then only to find out you really don'y like them, or can't hit them as well as you thought.


Good luck with your search.

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I can see you look at Callaway clubs, but i think you should look at a wider range.


Top brands like

Mizuno ( specially on irons )





Looking at your handicap i think you should have a look at the

Mizuno JPX 825 (pro)

Titleist AP 1 or 2 

Taylormade Tour preferred CB

Ping I25


But most off all make sure you got the right shaft for your swing, so get fitted

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$500 budget, might be tough to find some of those....Pingi25...TM,
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If you keep an eye on eBay you can get a decent set for $500. I actually just got a set of Callaway X2 Hot pro irons on ebay for $500. Keep checking eBay. Most of the company's make 3 styles of irons so if you decide you want a i25 type club look at all the manufacturers. They all have their own version of that style of club and they all make decent stuff.
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What you can do is go to the store and hit the current model irons of many brands then you can look at models that are a year or 2 old on ebay or other online resale sites, which will be very similar in technology. It's pretty rare for a manufacturer to make a really drastic change to their clubs in a few years time. The changes are usually very minimal and as a higher handicappers mostly unnoticeable to us.

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First off, you are right in looking for a set of GI irons over blades. I think they will help tremendously. I don't have much to add over what @Vinsk has said in shopping for them. I would go to a nearby golf shop and tell them you would like to try different irons with more forgiveness.

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one of the shops today said I should consider the Ping G20.  Anybody have any thoughts on these?  I haven't tried these,  but they appear to be a couple yrs old.  Thoughts?

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Also, a few people said I should consider a "Pro" set.  Why,  with my handicap should I consider a set that wont give me the most forgiveness?  Maybe I'm wrong,  but I think I should stick with the MOST forgiving irons that suit me.  Later,  maybe I'll improve enough to make the move to "Pro" Irons.  

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You told us that you want to get better and really pick up the game. That's why you should look at a more players club than a GI iron.

On the long term you will be better off. And if you take a pro version of mizuno JPX 825  you will have a club that is not a blade, you only get some forged feel and a smaller head. Still tons off forgiveness in them

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