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My Swing (treeleaf20)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ Occasionally 15 years but really trying to get serious this year

My current handicap index or average score is: 90

My typical ball flight is: Fade

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The push to the right and the fade. I also seem to hit behind it quite a bit and can't get real good contact. 





I just got home from the range and didn't have anything to really capture the video so this is just in my apartment but it's a full swing. What I think I struggle with...my wrist position and the top is usually bowed. I also think I have an early extension issue and I come out of my shots which seems weird because I think these should be thin instead of hitting them fat like I usually do. I also feel like I have no power with my driver. Usually can only hit it a little over 200 and I'm 6' and get out driven by others all the time! I'd be happy to take any other video but all suggestions are welcome and I really appreciate everyone taking the time to take a look at this to help out!

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Good that you started a swing thread.


I think you should take some more videos while hitting a ball.  You will probably get a lot more input.

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Yes, agreed - you really need to be hitting a ball. Your no-ball swing looks tentative and is lacking any real pivot, probably because you didn't want to take a "divot" chunk out of your nice wood floor.


Makes me think, might be fun to have a thread with pictures of damage we've all done swinging golf clubs indoors. I've broken a chair, put some nicks in my LR ceiling, and taken a small chunk out of a coffee table. My wife was not happy with any of these "remodeling" swings.

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Sounds good, next time I go to the range I'll see if I can take a better video. 

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I was out at the driving range today and could only do a behind video of my swing but hope that anyone can see what is wrong with my swing. I watched a couple videos like this one on the effortless golf swing:




After watching that video I do feel like I was getting good club head speed and hitting my 7 iron and 9 iron much further today. 


I also watched this video which gives me a good feeling of trying to get the club on plane and wrapping it around my right shoulder correctly. 




I felt better hitting the ball today but any other ideas suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Here is the video of my swing:

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Here is a link to my swing in slow motion as well:


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I tried to break down my swing with some lines to say what I think I'm doing. Here is my set up:


I then drew a line to the top of the club to show the pocket that I want to try and re-route the golf club to for an inside out swing:



Here I am starting my downswing and I try to start it with my hips and the club is starting to be re-routed through the pocket which I believe is a good thing:



Here it looks like I'm coming over the top a little since the club is coming down the top of the angle created in my backswing:



Just before contact it looks like I'm a little bit over my initial club angle:



Just after contact it looks like I'm a little over the top of the initial angle as well. 



This swing actually started just a little left of target and ending up drawing a little bit. I think it felt good and felt powerful but any recommendations on things to work on I would greatly appreciate it!

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Just some observations which may not be mean anything or not be completely accurate because I'm no expert. You have a similar problem to me which is your swing is steeper on the downswing than the backswing. You don't seem to be getting much hip turn. If you look at your right knee at the top of your backswing it's still pretty bent and should be straighter. Your swing is like mine used to be with it being more of an upper body swing. 4th picture down, I would think the club head should be more behind the hands still at that point but I'm not totally sure on that. Whenever you can get a face on view it would be helpful also.


Remember, these are just a duffer's observations so they may not be worth the time spent typing them ha

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Thanks for the feedback. How much more hip turn should I have typically? I think the other thing I noticed is that I have a pretty bad early extension problem. If I look at the following sequence line I can tell that I come off the back line. I believe this could also be causing my steep swing because I have to come down steeper to get back to the ball. Are there any drills for this type of issue? Here is the swing sequence to illustrate the early extension issue:





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Hip turn is something I am working on as well and I would agree with @Jeremie Boop that you are using all upper body ie shoulders and arms.  The face video may help with where your weight is and that could lead to some good conversations about advise


BTW, welcome to TST!!!

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I am no good at finding good pictures for reference on swings. I'm hoping someone better at swing analysis comes in to help out with that stuff. A rough guess would be since you are wearing shorts I'd expect to see more of the ground between the back of your lead knee and the front of your back knee if you were turning your hips enough. That could be wrong though so don't take that as a solid indicator. I think the drill for hip turn is to feel like you are turning your right pocket up and back? Sorry, I would rather someone more knowledgeable give you the drills.

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