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Being tension free ... I've noticed that when I free myself from tension, just relax on the grip, it's more likely to help me through the shot


Go through the process.


Positive Talk only. 


Forget the game between shots, Talk about something else and then spend the 30 second to a minute or so planning the shot, accepting the result, learn something from it, say something positive, and move on.


I think it helps if you understand yourself and are aware -- a book that helped me in life and golf is "Awareness" by DeMello (try Amazon). Kind of a zen be aware and observant approach to life and  as a result, to golf. It will free you, or may free you if you are ready... oh, and a very easy read.


good luck.

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I need some advice! I cannot for the life of me "score" in tournaments. I just graduated high school and I am going to college to play golf. In my casual rounds I score really well. I average 3 birdies a round and get up and down right at 83%. I hit 10-11 fairways and in the range of 10-13 greens. But in tournaments I feel like the hole is super small and I only hit about 5 fairways and 7-9 greens and my ud% goes way down. My putts are about the same in each. I just need some advice on what you guys do to keep focused and what tricks you use to play tournaments like you do on a Sunday morning. My last three tournament rounds have been 74,75,78 but my last casual have been 71,74,68.  Thanks a lot!



Do everything the same as you do a casual round. If you hit the range, and warm up the same way every time for a casual round, don't change it for a tournament. Make everything the same. Try to make it familiar. Basically you just want to get into your golf game with out thinking about the tournament, and adding pressure. 


Look at it this way, what can you control, yourself and your golf game. What can't you control; the other golfers, the tournament, the weather, ect.. So all those outside influences shouldn't effect your emotional state during a tournament. The trick for me is to focus on my game only. I am pretty good at it because I naturally internalize everything anyways. Every time I play a round of golf I try to score the best I can with in my own ability. So even if I am in a match, I don't ever pay attention to where the match is at. I don't care I am two down with two to play. I am going to play my game. If I win I win, if I lose I lose. Basically this takes all the anxiousness with a match out of my game. Even when I am playing a casual round, I am always trying to score the best I can. So it associates my normal golf with any matches I do. I could say this, even if I am anxious on the first hole, by the time I get to my 2nd shot I am already not caring anymore, because I am going to be immersed in my own game.


Think of it this way, Its only golf. Its the same game, even if you play a casual round with your friends or are competing in a tournament. The game doesn't change, so just play your game. 

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Thank you guys! All of the advice has really helped! I've shot 13 straight rounds under 76 using the advice on here!

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