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St. Louis, Missouri

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Hey all, Tim here, from St. Louis. I am a resident of the city where we have lots of great courses. I'm also fortunate to have two practice facilities a short distance from my home. It's great to find camaraderie here. I work for the City of St. Louis as an Elecrical Inspector. We are enjoying some beautiful weather at this time that is very uncharacteristic of mid July. I've been taking advantage of it. 

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Above is a St Louis group!!


Welcome to the site fellow St Louisian!!  You are right about the weather lately for sure.  What facilities do you have close by? 

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Hey Brian, 

Great to know that there are more St. Louisans here. I live in the Lindenwood Park Neighborhood--not far from Ted Drewes. Ten to fifteen minutes south of my house is Tower Tee. I love that place. Steve Lotz is a great teacher. If I drive North on Hampton to Forest Park there is the practice facility at The Highlands. Did you know that for $50 you get unlimited buckets of balls, two group seminars and other benefits?

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I used to play Forest Park as my home course but have stopped playing there.


I live about a par 5 away from tower tee!!  I have not gotten any instruction there but its good to know that there is a good teacher close by.


Send me a PM if you would like to play together sometime!!

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Welcome to TST.


Among other things, I'm leader of the St. Louis Archland Golfers group here on TST. You're welcome to join!


Among other things, our group wants to have occasional St. Louis "SandTrap" golf outings. Group members can send each other PMs or individual messages about events.

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Absolutely looking forward to playing with y'all. I'll PM you Brian--we're almost neighbors. I am playing Woods Fort in Troy, MO tomorrow. I generally don't venture so far to play, but I have family out that way and we're going to get together in the afternoon.

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Welcome to the site! Glad you found some locals to pair up with.

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welcome to the site!  you're only about 2 hours from me, i live in marion in southern illinois down by SIUC

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Hey Mike, What courses do you like near Marion and around Southern Illinois? I just joined the StL golf group: http://thesandtrap.com/groups/show/92/st-louis-archland-golfers Check it out!

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