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My Swing (thedonald78)

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Hello all,


I've been playing golf for just short of 20 years.  Some years I only play 10 times.  Other years I'll double that.  My current handicap is just north of 20, but I want desparately to improve that number.  Although I've had 9-hole rounds of 40 and 41 before, I've never shot lower than 90 for 18 holes.  My typical ball flight is relatively straight and high, but I pull the ball pretty consistently and lately I've been all over the place with my driver (mostly pulls and slices).  I know from the videos you see below that I come over the top.  My questions are: 


1.  Is my over the top move enough of a problem that I should try to correct it? I assume so, but thought I'd ask anyway.  It's typically manageable with my irons and problematic with my woods (and hybrids).

2.  Is my backswing too flat, such that I should work on steepening it to match closer to my downsing? Vice versa? Something in between?

3.  What are some drills I should work on? I know the golf glove in the arm part drill.  I can see my right shoulder lifting up at the top of my backswing, so I'm guessing that one would help.

3.  Any other thoughts or tips would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance!





Here's an 8 iron that I hit very well.  High and straight - presumably between 150-155 yards.



Same swing at 1/4 speed:







This one I lost low and to the right.  Not a good shot at all.



And again the second shot at 1/4 speed

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Videos are private.
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Ah, does that mean you can't watch them?
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Originally Posted by thedonald78 View Post

Ah, does that mean you can't watch them?



Yep, you have to change them at you tube, so we can view them.

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Originally Posted by Hammer 4 View Post



Yep, you have to change them at you tube, so we can view them.



Change them to "unlisted" if you don't want to have you name attached to them.

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Thanks, let's try this again.  Here are the swings from my original post with the correct permissions.  Again, the first two videos are of a "good" shot for me with an 8 iron (the second at 1/4 speed).  The 3rd and 4th videos are of a poor shot (lost low and to the right).





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I went back out this morning and worked on shortening my backswing so that I would hopefully not get to that point where I lifted and reset my hands at the top of my backswing.  Seemed to work out pretty well when I got that sequence/rhythm correct.  Here are a pair of videos of the best swing/shot I made this morning (with a 7 iron this time).  Still coming over the top, but maybe not as badly.  Also looks like I could probably still stand to shorten my backswing.  What do you all think? Thanks!



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Welcome to the sand trap!

Yes, that is a major over the top move.. However, you are in luck as you have come to the right place! BTW I'm still workin on fixing my OT as well!

Take a FO video as I am almost certain you are not getting your hips forward enough on the downswing.. The backswing is a little flat but that might not be you priority right now..

Look up I'm the search "hip slide" and read what you can about it, once we see a front view we will be able to give you more info!

Good luck
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Thanks! I'll try to get a FO video or two later today and get them posted.

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Originally Posted by thedonald78 View Post

Thanks! I'll try to get a FO video or two later today and get them posted.

Many of us fight the over the top move.  Check out this thread of the 5 Simple Keys.  Weight forward is a key that we all work on to help reduce the tendency.


 5SK Video Thread 

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Thanks Boogie.  Still haven't videoed my swing from the side.  Went out and played 18 this morning and struggled overall, though I did hit some really good shots and actually had about 6 birdie putts (two inside of 10 feet).  I didn't make any birdies, so my putting definitely wasn't helping me this morning, but I also had 4 or 5 penalty shots (wet or out of bounds) caused by pulled shots even though I left my driver at home.  I should have had one of my buddies video a couple of my swings from the side, but I didn't think of it.


I've been watching some of the 5 Simple Keys videos and I'm intrigued by the Vision Track tool.  Anyone have particular thoughts on whether or not it's worthwhile?

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I haven't used the vision track tool.  However, the 5 Simple Key videos are excellent.

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Okay, so it's been a busy couple weeks, but I finally made it back to the range last night and took some additional videos both down the line and facing my swing.  I tried to work on swinging inside to out on the downswing and actually had a really good range session by my standards.  I still pulled better than half of the shots, but I only hit two balls out of 60-70 that weren't crisp and the inside to out seemed to help when I was able to execute.  I'm still OTT as you'll see in the videos, but maybe not as badly? As I said before, any criticism or advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


All of these videos are 9 irons, first at regular speed and then at 1/4 speed





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Check out the weight forward drill..




Weight forward help both getting your low point to a consistent spot and it helps swing path because you are not trying to swing around your body.  So it is easier to get your path from being over the top.


Do the drills and swing slowly as is recommended in the thread below.


 Simple, Specific, Slow, Short, and Success - The Five "S"s of Great Practice 

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Thanks Boogie.  I'll take that drill to the range tomorrow morning.  It also looks to me like I'm not maintaining enough width in my backswing and that I'm letting my lead arm (my left arm) bend to much at the top of my backswing.  Do you agree? Should I focus on that as well?

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Hi @thedonald78. Welcome to the site! Something that would help provide a better view is if you orient your camera horizontally instead of vertically. That will get rid of the big black bars on the sides of your videos. Here is a blog post with some other tips on recording your swing.

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Thanks for all your continued support and advice.  I've been working on the hip slide and I'm hitting my irons the best I ever have, which is great! My goal for this year was to finally break 90.  Unfortunately, the best I've done is three different 93s including my last round, but I honestly hit my irons well enough to shoot between 80-85.  My biggest problems right now are driver/3-wood and putting (I had 40 putts amongst my 93 strokes on Sunday!!!).  Below are a couple videos of me trying to drive the ball last night.  As good as all of my irons feel in my hands right now (I mostly teed off on the back 9 on Sunday with my 4-iron), driver and 3 wood feel completely foreign.  It almost feels like I'm trying to play a completly separate (and unfamiliar) game when I go to hit the driver.  Anyway, I can see there is a huge over the top move going on there, which isn't a surprise, but I thought I'd post the videos and see if you all can see anything else that needs fixing.  Unlike with my irons, I'm not just hitting a pull.  There are some pulls, but mostly huge ballooned slices.  I realize the pull and slice typiclly are caused by the same mistake . . . anyway, fire away and thanks!


As before, I've posted both full-speed and 1/4 versions of each shot.  Please let me know if that is a waste of time . . .









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Post a video of yourself doing the weight forward drill.  I see some improvement, but you are still swaying back (your hips) on the back swing.  This means you have to bring your weight all the way back on the downswing.  


Also check out this video that @mvmac created on a centered pivot.  Mike does a much better job explaining it than I.  All these things are related.  An over the top move, fat shots etc can be affected by moving our head and body back on the backswing, not getting our weight forward on the downswing, the first two keys.


 A Centered Pivot Golf Swing 

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