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Tips on Fitting

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I am a relatively new golfer looking to get a new set of clubs. I bought a cheap, non specific set just to see if I liked golf and it turns out I love it. If I'm going to get serious I need to upgrade. The problem is, I'm slightly taller than the average guy (I'm 6'6"). So i need tips on what I need to be looking for in sizing for a tall guy like me. For example, what does this mean for Lie Angle, Club Length, etc..?



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Welcome to the site. This would be a good place to start to get a general idea. You're probably going to need at least a half inch over length and around 3 degrees upright. http://www.ping.com/fitting/nflightweb.aspx


You could also go to a golf store or demo day and get a more accurate fitting.

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