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Club head separates during a regular round

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I was playing my usual course on Sunday.

I come to 438 yd par 4 7th hole at Fox Hollow Canyon course (Lakewood CO).


The blue tee is moved up so the hole now plays about 400 yrds.

I pull out my 4 iron and hit a beauty and the ball stops right at 150 yd marker  (it's a slight down hill, an I usually hit my 4 iron about 220).


After contact, though, my club head flies off about 20-30 yards!!!

This is a new set of clubs that I got earlier this year. 


Now I have to send my 4 iron back to the manufacturer for repair under warranty.  It sucks as i use my 4 irons a lot on narrow fairways and long par 3's.


I am sure there are others who have a similar story on club head flying off during range sessions.  But has anyone had that happen (on a good contact) not hitting the "big ball" first?


I never had such a thing happen before.

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Sure it happens. I had my irons re-shafted, two days later on the mat range the 8i head flew off.  No one hurt, thank goodness. The shop had little to say but they did re-do the epoxy job and now all is well.  The thing is the confidence or trust that no other head will  go flying, at any time. I did not hit the mat beyond normal shotmaking. 

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I had a 2 iron head fly off during a round. It was the epoxy. The shaft had rusted from the inside out.
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Does it need repair or can it just be put back on? I had a 3w head come loose that I had a seller on eBay assemble for me. But when I pulled it off I saw they used some epoxy that appeared to be silicone, in fact I think it was silicone. I hit one ball and the head was about a 1/4" below the ferrule. Knew something was wrong as soon I as hit the ball, club felt dead. Didn't take any effort to pull it from the shaft. When I got home I cleaned it, hit it with some quick set and it was ready to go. Haven't had a problem since.
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Back in my high school days, this happened to me during a tournament. Par 4, dog leg to the left. I was going to try and draw my fairway wood around the corner a bit. Made solid contact and my club head broke off at the very tip of the shaft and and flew a good 100 yards into the woods on the left. My ball unfortunately followed suit, but not quite as far. The woods were not that thick so I found both my club head and ball. For reference, my wood was probably 2-3 years old.

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