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Hello from the UK!

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Just wanted to say hello to everyone on here. I live in Cleckheaton near Leeds in the UK.


I have been looking up a lot of tips since I started playing again a couple of months ago, after 18 months off to sort out my career, and have found myself on this site a few times.


After posting my three cards i have been given a handicap of 14 but i am hoping to get this down to single figures. I'm looking forward to posting my swing up for you guys to show me where i can improve.


I hope to see you on the forums soon.



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Welcome to the site. Enjoy!

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Thanks guys!


I've already been reading about the 5Sk's and #1 is definitely relevant to me. i often find my bad shot when i first start a round being a very low snap hook. I think this is because i move my head to the right on the down swing and when i'm not warm i dont shift back onto my left foot in time and get behind the ball.


Thanks for the great tips anyway!!

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