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Maxfli U6/X

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Bought some of these and tried them out today. Very impressed. Long and straight....or maybe I was just playing well today. Anyone else using these balls?
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I managed to get a dozen of the U/6 Lc at Dick's a couple months back for $15...  I've played a few rounds with them now and they are a pretty nice ball.  I like the feel of them.  I'd like them a lot more if they made them in yellow.  Once I lose them or use them to the point of not being suitable anymore I'll probably switch back to the NXT Tour S.  I just see yellow balls so much easier and have a lot more fun playing them.

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I was intrigued by the U/6's. At $15 they must have been marked wrong. a1_smile.gif I saw them on sale at Dick's for $35 a week or so ago. However, I too prefer yellow balls over the white.
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They were on sale for $30... and I had a coupon through my ScoreCard for $15 off 1 dozen Maxfli U6 golf balls.  Which normally would not apply to a sale price but the cashier must have been new or something because when it scanned and didn't take off the discount she just manually did it.  So I got em for $15 lol.  But I like them, nice ball.  Don't know if I'd pay $45 for them or whatever they normally are though.  I feel there are equally as good a ball available around $30-$35 in like the NXT Tour S or Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS

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