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Newish golfer

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Hi everybody. I just started playing in May. I played a few times with my uncle a couple of decades ago and now I'm hooked. Looking forward to learning.
I started playing disc golf two years ago and that kinda led to the real thing. Glad I found this forum. I've been lurking for a month or so.
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I am also a new poster, welcome to the site.  I find that posting your scores on this site creates accountability.  There is a thread for "breaking 100 and one for "bogey shooters."  Take a look and I will watch for your posts.

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Thanks. I haven't kept a score for eighteen yet, but will check that out.
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Real quick without starting a new thread, how can I speed up my play without skipping important parts of the game. My problem is that while I can usually get to around the green in two I spend forever trying to get on the green after that. Probably average two more shots to get on. Then I usually have a very long putt. So I spend a long time around and on the green. Any suggestions would be great.

I am gonna start picking up gimmies, that should help. Also practicing 30 feet and in. I walk and know that carters will be faster. Still I don't want to be that guy on the course.
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I think it would help if you explain what you mean by "around the green". Are you talking about chipping on the green or pitching from 30 yards and out. On your chips, are you hitting them fat, skulking them over the green, etc? There's a lot of unknown variables in your post above.
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I would suggest while you are playing on course, after you hit your shots to the green,

pick up your ball and drop it in area where you can play a simple chip/pitch to the hole.


When you start achieving decent greenside play and build confidence,

then take on more difficult situations on occasion


Also, sometimes practicing the play around greens on occasion if you are golfing alone and you have no one following you.

Usually an hour before dark, the first few holes on a course will not have any other players around.


The challenge of making .shots around the green is the best part of the game.

To hole out a pitch or chip shot is a great feeling.


Club Rat

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@ecupirate, thirty yards away I usually roll off the back of the green. That leads to the other problem, my chipping sucks and I'll have a really long putt if I don't go off the other side of the green. Working on chipping hit a bucket of balls at the range practicing a twenty foot shot.
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@Club Rat I'll give that a try. I've been working on just hitting consistently, striking the ball. Part of playing that I love is finishing the hole and hearing that ball rattle in the cup.
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