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Loud clothing on the course Good or Bad for golf - Page 2

Poll Results: For or against loud golf clothing

  • 81% (43)
    Good for Golf
  • 18% (10)
    Needs to be left in the 70's
53 Total Votes  
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I am over 20 stone and wear loudmouth cotton candy pink trousers and pink polo (Not gay either) anyway a lot of our players are old and gives them a giggle. All women seem to talk to you when wearing them?

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Originally Posted by daveclarke047 View Post

I am over 20 stone and wear loudmouth cotton candy pink trousers and pink polo

Well stop it!a3_biggrin.gif

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I voted 'for'. I like the way Fowler and Poulter are dressed. To me Daly is a bit over the top.


Once bought Puma trousers (Fowler light blue) and played a tourney wearing them. Nothing but compliments.

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Where I play the most there is no official dress code so pleated pants and a big golf shirts may be over dressed. Lots of players show up in sweats and jeans. I try to dress like a pro but not a loudmouth one, not all the time anyway. 

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One stone = 14 lbs, so 20 x 14 =  280 lbs.  A big lad.


Regarding the clothing worn on the golf course, IMO, totally immaterial what anyone else wears except if the girls wear only tiny bikinis which distracts me, somewhat. The guys can go butt naked, i'm into the shot at hand. 


Yeah, speaking of wearing a necktie on the course, which only a few years ago (1900.) was very common, i saw that the pro golfer Mr. Moore was wearing a nifty tie at the Phoenix Open last Sunday.  Looked pretty sharp. And no shitty Nike swoop design  either. 

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Originally Posted by Matt M View Post

I like bright pants and shirts. Plaids are cool anything other than the normal grey blue kahki. I have noticed at my club some members don't like the clothing. I was wondering where others stand, like or dislike and why.

   They are probably jealous that their wives don't buy them snappier golf duds

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I think getting away from the boring colors that are usually associated with old golf dudes is a good thing.  Most colleges are going to crazy uniforms in lots of different colors so they can appeal to kids because that is what they find cool.  The more unique and interesting styles golf can come out with the more likelihood you might appeal to the younger generation.  I like to dress nice on the golf course, nothing close to Daly or Fowler, but definitely colorful.  I could care less what other golfers wear, sometimes guys dress up and look like an idiot but more power to him if that's what he wants.

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I don't mind it at all ... wish I had the balls to wear some of that stuff actually.

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Originally Posted by CheeseWedge View Post

Loud isn't the problem, its the skin tight shirts and pants! I don't need to see anyones package during their follow through!


haha, I agree with this one.
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Phil would look good wearing some Callaway metallic green, it would match his driver. 

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I like bright clothes. I have quite a few expensive outfits from Puma and Adidas in bright colors. My wife bought me the Limited Edition Puma Neon Green Fowler golf shoes. I love them. Comfortable with style.
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Provided their attire is not illegal and meets the club's standards, I could not care less what anyone else wears on the course.    Aside from the aforementioned scanitly clad woman, what someone else is wearing has no affect on me at all.   

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Where's choice "C"...."Don't Care."

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As long as it is golf attire I don't care what color it is. Just please don't show up wearing basketball shorts and a tank top! I wear some loud colors on occasion, makes it easier for my foursome to locate me in the woods!

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I think that just like what is in the golf bag the attire represents the golfer. Or they saw it on the display model at Dicks Sporting goods.
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I think it doesn't have much of an effect... but I don't know for sure. A guy like Rickie, very loud dresser, seems to be drawing younger people to the game, which is greatttt for golf, because it is helping get rid of the assumption of my generation that golf is for old people. 

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Like: Ian Poulter
Don't like: John Daly, jeans, cargo pants

I don't really care all that much what other people wear.
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I am in the "don't care" camp.  I don't wear loud clothing because I'm not a very good golfer and don't like to draw any additional attention to my poor playing ability than I have to. 


What other people wear is their business, but my wife asked me why Daly was wearing his pajamas when she saw him playing in a tournament on television. 

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