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Gap wedge, by far my most consistent club.  I believe if I left myself a full gap wedge into every hole I'd likely score better but I always get lured into going for the green with a longer club and then paying the price for a bad decision.

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Has to be 7 iron. I hit my most pleasing/satisfying shots with this club.

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8 iron and then my 58* vokey, driver used to be but it has been betraying me for a while but I think I may have figured out it's problem today and if I did the rest of the year is going to be fun.

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My Ping i20 driver and my Ben Hogan 60 degree Sure-Out Wedge, don't want to find out what it is like to live without either.


God Bless!!! Ray

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Anything brand in blades. Just looks better.
Started playing with Ping Eye 2. Now when I look at them, they look like a shovel.
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For a while I had a Wilson Pro Staff OS pitching wedge. It had this great tight edge on the bottom and I seemed to hit it so much cleaner than any other wedge I've played. Then I left it behind on one hole and it was gone inside the 5 minutes it took me to realize what I did.


I guess the loser who took it probably is on drugs, but I still get mad every time I chunk the old PW. 

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Are we talking our favorite brand of clubs or our favorite specific club in our bag?


Oh the hell with it, I'll answer both.  :-D


My favorite brand of clubs are Titliest.  The reason for this is that I wish I was skilled enough to play them.  lol

I'm seriously contemplating buying a set of 775 forged irons.  You can get them dirt cheap on eBay and my irons are 12+ years old.  The 775s aren't a recent release by any means but I think they would be better than what I have (Taylor Made Burner LCGs).


My favorite club in my bag is hands down my pitching wedge.  It is the standard one that came with my set, but I hit it better than any club, hands down.

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58* Cleveland Wedge hands down
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Bombtech Grenade or any Callaway X2 Hot hybrids or fairway woods. They are so easy to hit.
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A wedge ...wedges are my bread and butter

However, I got a Bio Cell 3w ... I have never hit a 3w as good and as far ...
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I'm really starting to like my Adams Super 19* Hybrid. Easy to hit, and the ball just Fly's off the face.

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I'm obsessed with my G25 3 wood.  Thing is just so butter. 

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Originally Posted by Dave2512 View Post

None I hit them all equally bad.

i must agree i do not discriminate when it comes to bad shots either. however i think my 8 iron is the one i have most fun with!

but when it comes to brand i really like taylormade! love the designs of some cobra clubs but hit them even worse then most other brands ive tried! 

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I really like the irons I've been using for last couple years . . they are circa 1998 Callaway Big Bertha . .the ones where the 3, 4 and 5 irons are "I-bryds" and have the super wide soles.  I like the feel, the impact sound . .pretty much everything.  I also have a set of Ping I5's and the Big Berthas are way easier to hit.  Even when I hit the Pings well they don't give me anything that the Big Bertha's don't and the Big Berthas are about a half club longer.  

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I've been playing the same clubs for 13 years. I'd love to upgrade but all the irons that are meant for my handicap have been hideous. I like a nice clean looking iron with relatively thin toplines and soles. I'm starting to think that I should probably just pull the trigger on a slightly more "players" type cavity back seeing as the clubs I play now have really thin soles and toplines when compared to the SGI stuff that's out today. My irons have similar proportions to the past few generations of the Ping I series.


Here's pics from a thread I started looking for info on my irons.

Originally Posted by Ernest Jones View Post

The weighted badge is towards the toe on the longer irons and works back towards the heel in the shorter irons.

For comparison here is mine next to a Ping G15.

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I with you there @Ernest Jones. I got a bag of old Dunlop irons and probably really could use a new set. The money isn't really there right now anyway, but the super wide soles just aren't pleasing to my eye.

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I'm a Titleist guy,

and obviously Scotty Cameron-ProV1 rock roller..

TaylorMade/Nickent woods and Cleveland wedges I'd play any day though.
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Gotta be my Wilson "Original R90" sand wedge.  I won it in the 1980's in a tournament and it is still in my bag.  I took it out for about 10 years, but put it back in two months ago.

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