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Originally Posted by HawkNballs View Post

I'm ok with wet compacted sand.  These were dried out "cement bunkers", like isukgolf mentioned.

If they were shallow lipped bunkers I would hit a square faced chip like I would off a tight lie.  These were about 4ft high.  This is what I get for playing a $37 muni.  ;)

I pay $14 at the muni to walk at twilight.
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Personally if I were in a bunker like you describe I think I'd forego following the rules of golf for a second or two (enough for a practice swing in the bunker) and then make the shot. Yes, I'd ground my club in the hazard and take a practice swing or two to see how it would react and not count it.


Is that cheating? Maybe. I'd call it practice because I haven't run into a bunker like that yet... just sand... either hard packed and wet or kind of fluffy.

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The damn bunker should be a free lift for "ground under repair/course on a budget". 

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There is a golf course just north of Saginaw, TX (I forget the name) off of 287 that my nephew takes me to when I visit my brother. There is a bunker on the front nine (4th or 5th hole?) that you actually aim for. If you hit the bunker, the ball will literally bounce up several feet into the air, onto the green. It has very little sand on a shelf of cemented conglomerate. 

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I play a lot of courses like this.    I've bladed so many trying to use a little bounce - never works (for me).    I"ve tried powering through the rock hard sand - this results in just barely flying out of the bunker if I'm lucky, often rolling right back in.    My best luck is trying for PERFECT contact with a really short backswing - just nip it off the hard sand - it's such a tough shot to execute, because even the slightest bit fat & it goes nowhere.     Bunkers like that are to be avoided at all costs, but if you find yourself in one ... nip it cleanly.


Best option is to lift ball, rake the bunker so you get a nice fluffy lie like you're supposed to have in a bunker, place ball as close to where it was, and execute the shot like it's supposed to be executed out of proper sand.     Did I say that ??

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I agree that you should be able to do that!  It's not our fault that the groundskeepers are on strike! 


Actually... the one I'm referring to wouldn't have any sand to rake.  It's that bad.  It's sad, because the rest of the course is really nice for a muni type. 

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Gotta play the ball as it lies. If the course id slow, throw a few extra balls down and practice. If you keep your lower body still, you should be able to pick it off concrete.
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I really don't know why others suggest playing it with bounce and trying to lob if the condition are tight and hard Sure you can try it but it reward risk is low and more for "chip for show rather than chip for dough".
Why not "nip it" go for a low chip If the bunkers are truly that hard then even if the ball doesn't clear the lip the "hard " bunkers will create a surface for the ball to hit and bounce toward the hole like a bump and run
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If there is a lip, you'll have to open up the wedge and use the bounce. Since it is a little swing being around the green, with a little practice you can hit either shot pretty precisely. We used to play a course in our league that had these kind of rock hard mud bunkers. You get used to them.
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