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How did you start?

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How did you all get started in golf???

In a short story how I got started. I am 31 and have always seen golf as "boring" and no skill. Just me being neive. Never even tried it. A few months back, I was with my wife and her family and we all watched the LPGA when Michelle Wei won it. I was not interested at first and then started to become interested with the game. Her cousin is a competition golfer and just got a new set of equipment. He said if I did well trying golf my first few weeks he would give me his one year old equipment (total of about $2,500 with all in the bag including a full 14 set). Well, I went and played a few times and love it! I bought books, shoes, etc and have been training 5-6 days a week with exercise and also playing. I like the driving range and even the xbox 360 games I bought as they help me with the concepts. I am still learning and having fun. Also, I needed a hobby/sport that would help me get some weight loss and golf is helping with that greatly. I m losing weight and I feel more flexible and like I move better in my swings. This is only the beginning and I am looking forward to my future in golf!
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I went to work at a golf course in a small town on the Oregon coast. I had no previous background in the game. I was a highschool freshman, and needed some spending money. Since we lived just down the street, and the course had a "heIp wanted" hanging in the window I figured why not. I caddied, moved carts around, cleaned clubs, drove the ball retriever on the range, mowed....etc. I made $15 a day, plus tips. Free food, and sodas. Most weeks I made more money than my friends who had real jobs in town. It was a small 9 hole course. All that, but I did not actually play the game that much. Baseball was my game, and m HS coach gave me a warning about ruining my baseball swing by swinging golf clubs.  I had that job for 4 summers. My final summer I was making $135.00 a week. 


My biggest mistake was not taking up the offer for lessons from the part time pro. Had to protect that baseball swing, I did. I later found out he was also PGA tour player of some merit. 


Fast forward. I went golfing with a couple of guys a few years later at a par 3 muni. One of my partners shared his clubs with me, since I did own a set. I shot a 47 for the 9 holes. For what ever reason something just clicked. The next morning I went out and purchased a set of old clubs and a trolley at swap meet. They were junk. However for $10 it was a steal for the whole mess. Even had some golf balls, and wooden tees in one of the pockets. I started out with a base ball grip. 


After that, the game consumed me, and I actually became quite good after a few equipment upgrades, and some decent swing manuals. Plus some thing I remembered from my golf working days. The game also came in handy during my professional working career. A lot of lucrative business decision were made while playing golf.  Playing 18 holes, 3-4 times a week was not uncommon.  

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Until I was 22 years old, I thought golf was real close to being the stupidest activity a person could possibly undertake. When I was on semester break during my senior year of college, a friend who'd started playing talked me into going to a local 9-hole course with him. He said the worst-case scenario was I'd ride around in the cart and drink a buttload of beer, so I gave in.


For the first few holes all I did was critique his shots, taking a couple of big swills from a Coors can between each stop. He eventually talked me into taking a swing from a par-3 tee. He handed me a 5-iron and I hit the ball about 100 yards -- maybe 40 yards short of the green. But man, hitting that ball felt incredible! I'd played a lot of baseball through my sophomore year in college and had hit a considerable number of home runs at every level through high school, and that one 5-iron strike felt just as good as any of them.


When I got back home, I borrowed $75 from my parents and went back to the course and the next day bought an old, beat-up set of clubs that a member was selling. The shaft on the 2-iron was bent near the hosel and the 8-iron was missing, and the woods (driver and 3-wood) were rusted, cracked Billy Casper persimmon models. I had to use some bailing wire to re-secure the strap to the bag.


I returned to the course several more times during the break. I vividly remember my first par -- I putted one in from the fringe on a short par-4.


When I got back to college a couple of weeks later, the first thing I did was check to see if there was a beginning golf class I could get into. Fortunately there was, and my journey progressed from there.

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Grew up on a course. Hole 11.  Used to always sneak on the course in the late evening and work on my short game, 150 yards and in.  As I got older, I eventually became a cart boy at the course.  Golfed on the golf team in high school at that same course as well.  Golf has always been in my life.


After college, I couldn't afford it for a few years.  This year is the first year that I have gotten back out on the course, and man did I forget how much I loved and missed the game!  Got a membership at my local course were I know live.  Probably get in 3-4 18 hole rounds a week.  Very therapeutic for me!!

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In second grade, we moved to St. Louis County, about two blocks from the edge of a country club. I walked by it for three years on my way to school.


For actually playing golf, I got started in summer of fifth grade at a family get-together near a small course. An older female relative and her husband brought their golf clubs and played nine holes.


When they got done I asked if I could try it. She guided me through two holes (away from and back to the picnic area). On the first hole, she showed me how to tee the ball, gave me a fairway wood, and said, "Aim over there." I got a little distance off of teed balls, but not much off the irons. That's all I can remember.


The following summer, I started to caddie, and my brother Sam (I think it was that year) traded our last tricycle to the trash man for a bag of golf clubs hanging off the trash truck. (It was truly a mixed bag of clubs, including three older irons from the 1930s - steel shafts with fake wood veneer on them).


We then bought a Sears golf set: 3, 5, 7, 9, Driver, 3W and putter - with bag included! And, the rest is history... (And a very exciting history - my swing was self-taught until I tried lessons at age 22).


Most of my five brothers caddied at one time or another. But, Sam and I are the only current golfers in the mix.

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As a 12 year old I had a choice on Saturdays, play golf with Grandpa or work with my dad. Easy choice. Now at 47 I play everyday, but Sunday. And I love it more each year.
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I had just started working for the DOL in Ct. ... Really great group of folks ... Was new to New England area ... They asked me to joining the bowling league ... Has a blast with the group of folks ... I asked what was next ... They said golf ... asked if it was OK if I went and got clubs and played ... They took me under their wing, showed me the game and how to play ... I was 47 ... The rest they say is history a1_smile.gif
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My dad always liked to play so from early on I got it from him.  He never was a skillful golfer (I don't know that he ever broke 100) but he sure loved to play.

He had an old set of Walker Cup blades and I'd go in the yard and hit the little plastic practice balls every day.


By the time I was in my teens I loved the game.


Now, I play 9 twice during the week and 18 on the weekend.

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At 48 years old spending most of my time on various baseball fields, football fields, basketball courts, hunting, or fishing, my son, who had played a few times with one of his friends, asked me to play.


I came up with the excuse that I didn't have any golf clubs but a friend that happened to be at my house said he had a set in his car that I could have. So fresh out of excuses we got out the clubs, hit a few balls down into the hayfield, and headed to a nearby course.


I figured it was pretty much a one time (or at least very seldom) thing. Boy did that turn out to be wrong.

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I never played growing up.  GOLF was not a word in my vocabulary during my youth!!  I was never in position to even consider playing because none of my friends or parents played.  



It all started for me in 1992.  I finished my education and was already married when co-workers twisted my arm and dragged me to the course.  I was instantly hooked and became an avid golfer right out of the gate!!  My wife was happy because I gave up staying out at night fishing, to play golf early in the morning.....LOL     I've averaged well over 100 rounds 'per year' ever since!!  Through the 1990s, I  returned the favor and got many co-workers started in playing the game too.  I had many co-worker golf partners in these days, but then I re-located out of state in 1999......................


Since the 2000s,  I generally don't play golf with co-workers in spite of offering the occasional invite.     My co-workers are novice golfers....they know I am an avid player that plays to a low HC,  and this is a big deterrent for them.   Aside from the occasional company event, this is the only time I play with co-workers.   I have mixed feeling on this....I wouldn't mind hooking-up with them on occasion, but I wouldn't want to do it on a regular basis. 

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When I was 7 we moved to the suburbs and had a nice sized back yard. I bought a Matt Andrews 7 iron at Zayres and some plastic golf balls. I proceeded to dig a hole in the back yard and insert a tomato can. The rest is history.

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When I was 14 I was staying at my uncles over the holidays and he took me to the local Par 3 course. I loved it. My uncle gave me his old set, wooden woods with those plastic inserts, full blade Spalding irons with rusty shafts and a leather bag made from what I assume was elephant skin, so thick and heavy i could barely pick it up. The gem in the set was the bullseye putter!

Practiced for months on the school oval at the back of my house. Dad took me out for a round every fortnight at the local goat track, he was also a beginner and i flogged him!

Bought my first set of cheap clubs which was such a proud day when I was 15, then all of a sudden another local boy started hitting balls on the school oval. We teamed up, practiced every day after school for 6 months trying all kinds of trick shots. Drawing, hooking, fading slicing around trees on the school property. Getting the ball high, punches.. just everything you can think of. We joined as juniors at the local championship course and after our initial cards were in my handicap was 14 and his was 16.

The junior coaches were perplexed that we came from nowhere yet could hit all these great controlled shots intentionally shaping the ball and hitting the ball miles. We created our own swings through reading books and watching online tutorials!

6 months after that were were both down to 9 & 10 respectively and were playing 1 & 2 on the junior pennants team. 

By the time we finished juniors were we both down to 4 & 3. Youth life led us astray and I had 6 years off but im back playing and close to my best!

Simply couldnt stay away from the great game!

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First time I ever played was in college in 1974, at one of the Bethpage courses, don't remember which one. Could not hit the broadside of a barn, much less the ball, but we got hammered and had fun. Fast forward to the late 1980s, started playing a little for about a year, then moved on. Came back to it in 1997 and have stuck with it. Do not play as much as I would like, work has a tendency to get in the way of it.................
Had rotator cuff surgery last October, my swing has changed, but for the better!
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Late starter here, mid 50's around 2006. My daughter was working at the local golf course here and said I should take up golf. She was on her high school golf team at the time and wanted to "do something together" so, I said I'd think about it not knowing my wife had already bought me a set of clubs. Well, the rest is history. 8+ years later and I'm still struggling at this game. LOL

I think I should have stayed with competition archery... at least I was good at that and was consistently near the top of the class I was in.

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I started this year at 34. My dad had been trying to get me to play for years but I just wasn't interested. He finally convinced me and I fell in love mostly because it gives me a chance to bond with my dad and I'm such a competitor and want to win. Lol
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I was sort of curious about golf for awhile, but I never played until I was 35-years-old (about two years ago). A friend of mine agreed to take me out. He had about a two year head start on me after his boss told him he had to play. I beat him for the first time ever a month ago on a par-3 course. He still kills me on regulation courses with his 300-yard drives

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We were visiting relatives in Milwaukee, WI, when I was around 10 years old.  I got bored and took a walk to a near by golf course and watched some guys tee off and thought that would be neat to try. Unfortunately at the time we lived in the middle of no where. The closest golf course was probably 70+ miles away. 


Fast forward to my junior year of high school, when me and my friends found out anyone could join the golf team at the small school we were attending.  Free access to the course during practice was a huge incentive. :)  Anyhow a $20 set of Northwestern irons in a used bag from a local pawn shop plus a wooden driver from the bargain bin at a local sporting goods store got me started.  That was the spring of 1987 and I have been golfing off and on ever since. Unfortunately I haven't improved that much. :) Oh and by the way, me and my hack friends must have made an impression on the golf coach.  The following year they held try outs to weed the hacks out... :P

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Girlfriends(now wife) Dad needed a 4th for a scramble. Decided to suck up a little bit and hang out with his friends to do it. Got addicted. Now I'm here, 6 years later playing tourney golf and hoping to go pro around 30 depending on how I'm doing. 

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