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Is absolute satisfaction attainable in golf? - Page 3

Poll Results: Is absolute satisfaction attainable in golf?

  • 37% (21)
  • 55% (31)
  • 7% (4)
    maybe when I shoot 18 under par
56 Total Votes  
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I used to think it would be nice to shoot bogey golf on a regular basis (and I still don't know), but after observing other golfers and reading here, I'm thinking bogey is just an intermediate goal.


 Too bad because I think of golf as a social tool and I need all the tools I can get in that department. When I play now, I don't feel too social around strangers with my ~50 round and they are shooting in the low 40's.

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Once I shoot an 18 I'll be absolutely satisfied!  Until then I'll have to settle for pretty happy.  Even with a great round, there are always going to be things to improve upon.  That's what keeps the game fun, though.  

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The question is ridiculously ambiguous and that makes the poll useless.  I voted yes though because I'm satisfied on days where I shoot a new personal course best even though it may be well above par.  I'm not satisfied on days where I played better than normal but the weather sucked.


If score is what determined satisfaction then nobody would be happy.

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My goal was to have a creditable social game, now I have that, a whole new world has opened up and I just want to get better. Now my mishit drives are 20 yards longer than they were and my well hit ones 40 yard longer than my "well hit" drives used to be. I love it, but golf is about the journey, as they say. I might be at the limits of what I can do driving the ball because 30 years of programming computers has left my wrists less supple than they used to be, and I can feel that this is costing me swing speed, but I can't do anything about it. I don't want to aggravate them to the point I can't play, so I guess I have to be satisfied with that aspect, anyway.

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I have been playing golf for 25 years and I have never once walked off a course and thought 'Thats the lowest score I could have possibly had'


So a no for me

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The question was about satisfaction in golf, not in how well one plays (if so then it was not clarified).  If someone enjoys the game regardless of their score then they could be absolutely satisfied in golf and never break 100. Now if the question was about absolute satisfaction with one's golf skills and doing their own personal best potential, then maybe not. But with "satisfaction" being a very subjective word open to individual interpretation that might be applied at various points in time using adjusted measurements, then I could be absolutely satisfied with a bad round of golf if I define my satisfaction as having not lost a single ball into the woods or waters during the round. What is the personal goal, then what will be the measurement of satisfaction.


Any round I can get to play brings satisfaction regardless of my final score. There will always be room for improvement, but I don't want to ruin the enjoyment of the day based upon some mis-hits and letting the bad shots over-ride the good shots.


Is absolute satisfaction possible in golf? The answer for some is yes, for others the answer is never.

Very well said sir.


For me, how satisfied I am is directly proportional to how well I'm playing that round.  If I'm playing terribly, I'm not having fun.

For me golf is a love/hate relationship.


My wife drove me around the course one day and I had a particularly bad round.  She asked me why I played because I didn't seem to be enjoying it at all.  I told her that golf was the most evil and frustrating game on the planet, but for some reason since the first time I picked up a club, I can't put it down.

Some say that if they were in my shoes they would find another hobby, but I just can't stop.  I am very competitive, especially with myself.

So, I don't see me ever attaining absolute satisfaction.


I envy those who enjoy themselves no matter what is on the scorecard.  


I try to find a way to simply enjoy the company.  Today I played with my brother and a friend who I used to work with at the course.  We were behind the three stooges and friend, and they were so slow that Heinz Ketchup would be jealous.  Not one of us broke 90, but we had a great time in spite of it.  That is why I feel that I can achieve satisfaction in the game.  I was not satisfied with my game, nor with the lethargic pace, but we still had fun.  Isn't that what recreation is supposed to be.  


If you aren't a professional, yet can't find any way to be satisfied by the game, then something is wrong with your approach to the game.  You need to learn what recreation means.

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To me, golf isn't competitive, its a personal challenge.    Of course, I try to improve and be the best I can be - golf is a heckuva lot more fun when you're playing well.   But down deep I realize I picked the game up too late in life to ever be really good, so I'm content with my game and the way it's trending.

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I voted no. When I shot my best round, I was happy, but the mistakes I made really ate at me. I wanted it to be better.

Even if I we're to go out and shoot 18 under, I would still nitpick when I made birdie instead of eagle. That's golf.
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I voted no. That's what so wonderful about this game, it cannot be mastered, there is always work to be done.

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I voted yes, but I do have to qualify it a bit. I played 9 yesterday and shot 43. That is around or slightly better than my handicap. I had a pretty good ballstriking day and hit a number of shots I was absolutely satisfied with. I hit a few that were exactly what I meant to do. Anytime I play golf, I am happy to be there. I only play 9 per week on average, so I am never burned out. I would rather play golf than most other activities.


There is always room for improvement. Yesterday I hit 6 of 7 fairways, and the other was only by a couple yards in the short rough. I did however manage to double one par five and bogey another, both from inside 100 yards in two. So from a scoring standpoint, we can usually see the potential for a better outcome, and that keeps it interesting for me.

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I am never satisfied......................

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I was absolutely satisfied when I got an albatross at 15yrs old! It didn't even matter what the rest of the round was like, because I knew I had accomplished something not many golfers get.  I left that day feeling like a champion!

But, yes, being absolutely satisfied for the entire golf game year in, year out is highly unlikely.  I am always working on getting better no matter what i shoot.  There's always more accuracy or more consistency to be had.  I am satisfied at singular shots, but I won't be absolutely satisfied until I win the US Open, which is unlikely.

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The only time that I will be absolutely satisfied is if there is heavenly golf.


Old Joke


Two old guys, Dan and John, were discussing the question if there was indeed heavenly golf. They decided that the first one who passed away would try to come back and tell the other if there was, in fact, golf in the after life.


Well, Dan was the first to go, and shortly after his passing appeared to John in a vision.


"John," said Dan, "I've got some good news and bad news for you, my friend. The good news is that there is, indeed, heavenly golf. The bad news is that your tee time is 8:00 tomorrow."

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I voted no.  It seems no matter how well you play you always feel you left a few strokes on the course,  I sometimes think that is what attracts us to the game.  As Bagger said "it is a game you can't win you can only play".  

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