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Best golf app?

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What's the best golf app. Want one with a one time fee. Don't want to have to pay an annual fee unless its cheap. Need one that works with both iPhone and android operating systems for my buddy since he refuses to swap to iOS. Would like to keep my stats on my phone while he keeps his stats on his phone that way one of us is not constantly on the phone punching in stats for both of us.
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Golflogix but not sure if it is on android but it's free. Just have to pay if you want to use club tracking. They should probably pay me by now.
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I am also curious to everyone's answers here.  I am looking for an Android app that I can use to keep score and stats.  I need something I can track on my computer and not just my phone.  The GPS is also important as I do not have a laser rangefinder yet.  Currently I am using Golfpad but I heard some good things about swing by swing.

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I have been using Swing by Swing (free version) for over a year. It is quite good for score keeping and some statistics. You can look at your stats on the computer and link friends so the stats go to their account if one person is keeping score. I think they have both iOS and Android versions (I use iOS).

I bought a Pebble watch recently and look forward to trying that out with the app this weekend. Their video on the Pebble integration looks pretty cool.
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I have been using Hole19 Golf. Not sure if it's available on android, but it's free, simple and keeps your basic stats for you. Worth a shot
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Ok, so honestly I'm the guy he is talking about with the android, but it does seem like StrikerGolf could be what we were looking for and I'd like to throw it out there that it exists.  May be what someone else is looking for too.  It looks to be a one time $20 fee to track stats, I'm ok with that.  We're going to try it out sunday and see how it goes.

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