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Wrist Pain

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          I've been having some wrist and thumb pain in my left hand recently with the pain being mostly after impact. A quick google search on the subject turned up some conflicting results.


          In the golf digest article http://www.golfdigest.com/magazine/2011-09/fitness-avoid-injuries it says a strong left hand grip will reduce stress on the wrist.


          Another article http://www.hss.edu/golfportal/tips-for-protecting-your-wrist-on-the-golf-course.htm advocates a weaker left hand position.


Both are fairly reputable sources but from very different backgrounds. Thoughts?

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Maybe a longer left thumb will help


 How to Grip a Golf Club, Commonalities of a Functional Golf Grip 

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Hit a lot of practice balls? Tendonitis?

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see the elbow thread for the pain. As to what is causing it, I don't know. Never had that pain. Every other pain, yes.
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I get it as well. I feel it right now!


For the long haul, you may want to lay off on range practice some more; when you do practice, work on swing moves that don't involve full-speed impact as much. It'll probably be more constructive anyway!


I'm no physiologist, so I don't know which grip reduces wrist tension, but less forceful impact with the ground helps my wrist out.

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I will be easing off from the clubs for a bit and will try a longer thumbed grip when I get back. But I am still wondering if anyone could shed some light on the discrepancy between the two articles I posted.

My best guess would be they are talking about two different types of injuries, e.g. weaker grip puts less stress on the radial side of the wrist and a strong grip puts less stress on the other side. Or perhaps the other way around? Perhaps one is simply incorrect?
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