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same fitting specs?

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So sorry if this is somewhere else but im having trouble finding an answer. I got fitted for a set of Wilson FG M3's irons at -1/2. 2deg upright. Im an inconsistent 13 handicap and I miss the forgiveness of my cobra s3's. My question is if I order say ping g25's/g30's online can i use the same fitting specs as the wilsons? Or do I need to get refitted for specific irons. Inconsistent ball striker as is. Thanks so much in advance. Love this forum... first time poster.
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If your swing is unstable, a fitting for new irons will not help you. Take some $$ and get a lesson or two, and stabilize your swing. Then look at fitting.


To benefit from fitting, your swing must be somewhat consistent - but certainly not perfect.


Also club models A and B may likely have different length shafts and lie angles for given irons. Example comparing 5 irons:

  • TM SLDR: Standard lie angle 61.5°, std shaft 37.75" 
  • Calla X2Hot Pros: Standard lie angle 61.25°, std shaft 38.25"
  • Ping G25: Standard lie angle 60.75°, std shaft 37.75"


In fittings I've had, I am standard lie for various Callaway irons, but 1.5* flat for Ping.

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What WUTiger said. But here's two thoughts:

For Ping, go to their web site and do their online fitting. It amounts to a "static" fitting that doesn't take your swing into account, but it is a darn good start (for Ping clubs).

There are a lot of fitters that won't charge you extra for the fitting if you buy the clubs from them. Trying to save even more by buying something off the internet may well be false economy... I would vote to use your old sticks while you save up for a few more months and then get a first class fitting.
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Awesome thx. I found good fitters but they want to sell me their composite clubs and not OEM's . I guess for my game the golfsmith fittingwill suffice. I really appreciate the help.
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