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Practice net help

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Looking to get a practice net for home. Range / course is about 15-20 minutes from the house. When I can't get there or just want to stay at the house to drive some balls, I want a bet. What brand is good? I noticed most are about 6' tall. I want the maximum protection so that in case a ball goes wide one way or another.
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Hi, welcome to the site, check out these threads







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I will check them out. Thanks!
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I made my own golf ball net some years ago. I bought the netting at a Military Surplus store, and framed it using 3/4" metal conduit. I made it 10' X 10' X 10' because that was the length of the conduit uncut.  About 4' inside the net I hung an old blanket which is what I hit balls into. I used shower curtain hangers to hang the netting, and the rug to the metal frame. Except for the blanket, the rest od the parts lasted for years.


At one point I built a wooden  frame out of 2 X10 boards on the ground, in front of the net, which I used to hold a 4' X 4' section of sod to hit off of. I could buy (home depot) strips of sod for under $2 at the time. Under the sod was play ground sand which gave me bunker practice when the sod was removed. 


One of the plus things that came out of my creation were that  my daughters who were playing fast pitch softball at the time could use it as a pitching/batting cage. 


Although I no longer have my net/cage, I now use a mat similar to this  to hit balls off of. It's also a DIY-er.  http://www.dwquailgolf.com/training/divothit.html

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Thank you!!!!!
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I was just researching these. I really like the first two but think the Swing Box is the best for space.


Check em out



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Good info there! I like the Calloway so far. Still doing some research. a1_smile.gif
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