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When I shot my best round ever, +2 total. Started double, bogey, bogey, then played the rest of the round in -2.


This was last summer, not sure I'll ever be able to put so many sub 80 rounds together again.

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36 on front 9, 3 birdies, 3 pars, and 3 bogeys.    For one brief moment, I felt like I knew what it was like to be a scratch golfer. 


My longest par streak is 5, and 3 for birdies. 

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This winter at Sand Hollow, UT ... 8 of 9 pars and 1 bogie for a 37 on the links course.      Felt like a pro ... good to know down deep it's in there, just have to find it again ....

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A couple of years ago I started a round 4 under after the first six, hit my tee shot to about 10 feet on the par 3 7th. The sky opened up with a deluge of Biblical proportions. The golf gods are ba$tards. a1_smile.gif
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I will go to last Saturday shot 1 under over last 12 holes. 9 pars, 2 birdies and a bogey. Had 4 tap in pars just missing birdies. Felt like I was on tour lol. I've gone birdie, eagle, birdie, with my only eagle ever at that, but never 4 birdies a row. One day it's gonna click though and I will be talking about my 59 a1_smile.gif.
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Playing on my home course, we started playing and it had just started to lightly rain and continued during the first 9 holes.  I shot a 30 (-6) on the top 9.  After we finished putting it began to pour and lightning.  So I never got to finish the entire round, but still my best 9 holes I have ever played.

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18 straight pars (don't know if that counts as a hot streak though)

I guess that depends on who you are.  For a pro it probably doesn't.


For me?  Man, I would be calling all my friends and posting pics of the score card on Facebook.  lol

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