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Titleist AP2 714

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So I've searched for AP2 reviews and most of them seem to be from 2010 and before.  I want to know if anybody has the AP2 714 and what they think about them.  I just ordered new AP2's after getting fitted for them.  Should come in about 2 weeks I was told.  I'm 6'4'' about 210 lbs. I'm trying to take my game to the next level after shooting in the 80's consistently for the past year and a half.  I play about 3-4 times a week and I'm 22 so in my prime.  I'm swinging callaway RAZR X Black irons right now.  I like them but they are standard size and everybody has been telling me they are too short.  I ordered my new AP2's 4-GW with an inch extension, 3 degrees forward adjustment angle lie, and midsize grips.  Will these be a lot tougher to hit than my current set of irons? They felt really good when I swung them in the shop but I'm not sure how accurate the computer program is.  I'm super anxious to get them and see how I play with them.  If anybody has any insight or reviews it would be much appreciated! Thanks

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Check out our staff review



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Thanks mvmac.

I saw that review but I just wanted to hear if any users had any opinions about them

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I can only offer insight between the AP1 and AP2.  I honestly didn't notice that much of a difference between the two during a round where I would hit my AP1 and then my buddy's AP2 (same club).  For example the 8i, same distance, nearly same flight, height, roll-out, etc.  Ap2 felt much crisper but that was probably a mental thing because looking down at that thinner top line is very appealing to the eye.


In addition if you have several mishits a round like me, the AP2's will likely punish you a bit more.  Example I hit my 4i AP2 on a long par 3, mishit on the toe but it still ran long and ended up greenside.  Tried the AP2, felt like same shot same mistake (toe) and the ball only went about 2/3 as far with roughly the same swing speed.  Clearly the ap2s are less forgiving but that's just something that you sacrifice to look at the topline.


What I can say is good God the AP2's look so sexy at address, AP1s are shovels but they work for me.  


Enjoy your new set! :beer:

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Thanks for the feedback TJ! :beer:

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