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Morning Drive Isn't As Enjoyable Without Holly

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I know there is already a thread on Holly Sonders leaving MD. That thread asks was it a good career move for her.

I want to focus more on Morning Drive. Is the show going to miss her? After a couple of weeks, I think the answer is a clear YES. MD is not as enjoyable without her. Now, it is a revolving door. The banter is missing. The chemistry isn't there. I think Gary Williams is fantastic. I am okay with Hack and Rhymer, but their "comedy" act gets old.
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I don't know think the show will miss her, because the show is so incredibly awful that it's a wonder this turd is still on the air.  


Let's start with the set.  This was what they promoted as a big studio updrade?  It looks like the waiting room in a maternity ward.  All it's missing is a few People magazines on the coffee table.


Gary Williams is pretty decent, IMO, but his voice sounds like he's constantly trying to give birth to a juvenile alligator from his anus.  Maybe a slightly more realistic description is that he sounds as if he's imitating a person yelling by not yelling.  It can be so off putting that I just have to turn the station.


Hey, Charlie Rymer, how about a few more jokes about how much awful food you eat in between banal commentary?  Because I think we really need more jokes about food.  I mean, 2000 per year isn't nearly enough.


Damon Hack is about as interesting as a glass of unsweetened ice tea with about three ice cubes served in a KMart Martha Stewart collection water glass.  He's the kind of commentator that says things like, "I think Tiger could win a major this year.  But he has to be healthy.  So I think he has a chance, because he's Tiger Woods."  I remember I was in Martin's in Myrtle Beach and I saw a mannequin that looked exactly like Damon Hack wearing a golf shirt, and then I realized it was Damon Hack.

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Yep. That show, as well as other shows on TGC, have lost it without Holly. Taking away the eye candy for a moment, she was a jock, a bit combative, knowledgeable, and had a different take ... she was not technical, and that's probably good. Other people like Hall and the other guy who talks fast, Breed, are the tech types.


As for the show, if not for Gary Williams, there is no cohesiveness. Hack and Rymer are a stale comedy team. Lauren does well with the news, and while Holly can do heels, Paige, uh, no ... she is the non-glamorous LPGA golfer.


TGC ... keep looking. Holly's hubbie really screwed things up...

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Holly made that show.    It sucks now.     That is all

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Originally Posted by inthehole View Post

Holly made that show.    It sucks now.     That is all


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I have to agree...Gary Williams is likable and very knowledgeable...


Holly had that "spice", the ability to mix things up and give it back more then she took it. She could stand there in her crazy high heels, short skirt, and breast that were 2 sizes two big (is that really possible) for her frame and yet come off with great conviction and intelligence...Not many ladies have that package and last more then a week or two.


Yeah Page....zero eye candy, I think I'd look better in heels...everything is completely forced with her...

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The show is awful and the only reason to watch was Holly.

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MD was bad before Holly left. Like they ran of ideas bad. Bringing in more people and starting the sim segment really bogged it down. Does anyone really want to watch Damon and Ginella hit golf balls on a sim? Especially Damon, if he hits a piss poor luck shot with his horrid swing he peacocks around like he's ready for the tour. I see plenty of that every time I am at the course.
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