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What do you eat or snack on during a round?

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I have noticed that I run out of energy and focus somewhere in the last 9 holes of a round and I am sure that it is because I don't really eat much during a round. (Or at least not the right things)  I have also noticed that in my afternoon league I am very inconsistent (mentally and physically) probably due to the fact that it is 4 hours after I have eaten lunch but before dinner.  I am looking for suggestions on how to manage my diet both before and during a competitive round in order to maintain an even keel throughout.  Any tried and true methods out there?

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Personally, I don't eat anything during a round. However, if you believe your blood sugar level is dropping and that is contributing to a loss of concentration, it might help to eat small amounts of carbohydrates as you go. Doesn't much matter what - energy bars, dried fruit, chocolate, whatever.

Just bear in mind that your gut can't absorb much more than 60 grams (240kcal) of carbs in an hour. So if you eat at a faster rate than that, you'll still be digesting it well after the round is over.
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Boy I can get a little out there with food on the course. Sometimes we just golf for fun and enjoy being outside. A day like that could be pizza or sushi, maybe stop by 5 Guys and pack it in. My home course offers the full restaurant menu to golfers. I've eaten every thing rom fish and chips to breakfast there. If I am there alone to be serious and score well I eat Coors Light.
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I always eat something before I play ... just cant play well hungry ... I feel tired when I am hungry ...  sometimes I take nuts with me to nibble on the course ... the Phx heat does not effect them ... :-)

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Lots of water, in some cases as much as 2-3 bottles of water per 9 holes. Luckily the courses I play have strategically placed drinking fountains. 


As for a snack, if I am hungry or low on sugar I might buy a snack from the cart girl or get something from the clubhouse before hand. Usually something not overly sugary. Peanut butter crackers work really well. 

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I make sure I eat a good meal a couple of hours before I go out to play.


Once on course, I'll drink water on the front nine. At the turn, I'll eat a Clif bar (one without chocolate; chocolate is hard to stomach on a hot day). @chasm, Clif bar has 45 gr. carbs, under your recommended 60 gr. threshold.


Also, I'll switch to a sports drink (electrolytes) on the back nine - otherwise, I could get leg or hand cramps on the 15th tee. The sports drink was a recommendation from a marathon runner I know - he said that after two hours of continuous exercise in the heat, you need to replenish electrolytes.



Early morning scramble tournament: I eat at home - just don't care to choke down burnt coffee and a greasy donut 15 minutes before teeing off.

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EAS Carb Control shake is a favorite at the turn. Bananas are good too. I love Combo snacks, but they are really high in sodium, so I have to watch out.

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Lots of good info.....thanks.  Where do you get the EAS shakes?

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Water and a granola bar.

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Water and a peanut butter Cliff bar.

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If 9, nothing, but if it's 18 I'll probably get a hot dog at the turn
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Almonds and a Nature Valley Peanut Butter bar.
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I make certain to eat well before I play, and keep it mostly fruits and vegetables (I drink a custom green smoothie every morning consisting of kale, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, apples, lemon and lime juice, and bannana), as well as some oat meal with berries.  During the round I may snack on a few almonds, cashews, or peanuts, and some beef jerky it has been a few hours since having a meal.  If I have lunch prior to the round I keep it light (turkey or sardine sandwich) and finish it with my second bannana of the day.  This regimine keeps this 62 year old ready for 36 holes.

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I like nuts, (almonds, pecans, walnuts, filberts,  cashews)  and maybe a Snickers candy bar.  I have also been known to find a Subway  sandwich in my bag from time to time. No idea how it got there. :whistle: Same with the occasional beers that might show up. My bag has an insulated compartment that actually keeps things cold. 


For me it's important to maintain my hydration since I'm  usually in the desert southwest walking/playing in triple digit temps. Like today I know I will golfing tomorrow, so I start working on  my hydration today.  I have read that people don't realize they have dehydrated until it's too late. 

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