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I think this preference is because there is usually something unique about European players that you can easily identify them by:
  • Rory is just the most talented, makes everything look easy
  • Kaymer has that "German robot" mistique
  • Sergio came on the scene at 19, has been prickly and irritable until recently, plus Ryder Cup success
  • McDowell/Rose - put these guys in the same boat - likeable, but we won't "miss them"

Honestly, I think a lot has to do with their accents, which makes them memorable to Americans.  Take Lee Westwood for example - he was great when young, has competed in majors, but your impression of him is probably more that "he's a likeable chap." Many of these players are also propped up by the fact that they are the best 2-3 players their countries has ever seen.

Unless you're transcendent (Tiger), to be popular in the US you have to have something unique that people connect with.  Guys like Bubba, Ricky, and even Jim Furyk (odd swing) all have something identifiable that make them unique. 

US fans just don't care about the Jimmy Walker's of the world until they do something truly special.
I like Jimmy Walker...Gotta love an accent...except for Rory's a3_biggrin.gif...MAJ's is wonderful