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Rain Gear

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Hello Everyone,
Had a couple close call the last 2 rds... Was just wondering what u guys like for rain gear. Looking for a light top that you can wear in the summer without overheating.
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I bought some Snake Eyes rain pants at the start of the season. Review is here: http://thesandtrap.com/products/snake-eyes-mens-packable-rain-pants/reviews/4950


The price was right and they are super light weight so you can keep them in your bag all the time and not even notice. I might get a jacket from them too, but I'm waiting for a sale. 

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I wear either a short sleeve rain top from Zero Restriction or one of their vest.

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Galvin green paclite! You hardly know you're wearing it! Great products!
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Anything Goretex and you'll be fine. I personally like the Sunice line. Keep checking in with The Golf Warehouse (usually in the dead of winter) for good sales. My last Sunice Goretex jacket from them was $75.
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