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Foul Weather Clothing .... I almost give up

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Trying to find a good, lightweight, rain suit that's truly WATERPROOF, not water resistant, and - here's the biggie - it has to really be breathable.  Had an old suit that was wonderful, but ripped and I got rid of it without seeing what brand it was (bought it many years ago and just took it for granted) ...  Went and bought a jacket/pants - lightweight "Red Ledge" ..... fine for walking around but the minute I sat in the cart, my butt was soaked.  Knew I was going to play Sun Valley in Idaho so went out and got another suit - "Frog Togs" ......... Out of 18 holes, I wore them for about 3 holes.  Had to take them off as my shirt was more wet than the outside of my suit.  Well, the label DID say breathable ..... Hardly ...  it was like wearing a Trash Bag.  :censored: 


Now, I'm looking at a new line - Zero Restriction.  A bit more than what I've paid before, but I'm tired of brands that state they're "Breathable", and the inside ends up with more moisture than the outside ...  We'll see how this works out.  I can get them on EBay for about 1/2 of what they're going retail. 


BTW, if you're in the area, you HAVE to play Sun Valley - what a beautiful, long, classy course !!!


I'll let you know about the rain suit when I get it .....



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Zero Restriction and Sun Mountain are really good



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If the weather gets to the point where you need something that water resistant, why don't you just want a day or two to play? Something absolutely water"proof", by nature, won't be very breathable. If they're gonna keep moisture out, they'll probably keep moisture in.

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I've got some ZR hanging in the closet because I bought it off ebay and found out it was too noisy, not soft to feel, but  breathable.


Brands that people rave about are ZR, Galvin Green -- the ones made with Goretex and soft to the touch, Cross Golf Apparel (Swedish), and ProQuip. Nike also has fans, although its new stuff is soft, it has the slight feel of a thin scuba wet suit. Some of the Sun Mountain line is also soft and breathable. With the Euro brands, one must watch for fit -- they run small to our American sizes... Either they are tall and lanky, or we are overweight or have massive upper body buildup...:-$


I would also puchase some DWR product for washing your rainwear and for reconditioning it.

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Big Zero Restriction homer, all of my rain gear and wind gear are ZR.  If you pay full retail you will pay for it, but I've bought all of my stuff from The Golf Warehouse after they drastically mark down the price. 

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Galvin green again! They do a few different types of gore text depending on your needs, (warm, cold, stretch) and come with a lifetime guarantee, I know of people who's jackets have failed after about 5 years, (probably not washed it correctly) and they replace it with a brand new one! Expensive... But last forever!
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I have a jacket and pants from something called Air-tex...


I kind of bought them for general purpose outdoors also...


It's supposedly water resistant but I havent really tested it in complete downpour.


More often than not theres been good thunderstorm along with the rain clouds.



IF YOU NEED COMPLETE waterproof, then you must wear like a rubber raincoat / parka and rainpants. Not breathable.


For one level worse waterproofing, I can heartily recommend Gore-Tex. I had one particular good pair of hiking boots with gore-tex coating, and it has worked well enough for me.


But again,  not waterproof like rubber wellingtons but there you go...

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I used to wear a rain suit, but now in the summer I'm soaked to the bone in sweat before the round and the rain is warm so I just pop on some rain gloves and keep playing
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