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Total Beginner! What Clubs?

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I know you guys probably see these post everyday and I'm sorry but.....


I have played Golf before and enjoyed it for a while until I got big into baseball and didn't want to have my two swings co-exist. I shot High 40s usually on 9 holes and would like to get back into the game with some decent clubs but I have no clue what to get!


Looking to spend about 200-300$ and just looking for opinions on what y'all think would suit me or y'all have experience with.


Ive heard of the Ping Eye 2+ Iron set for relatively cheap and they are an old classic set that were good. But honestly I have no clue!


I don't care about distance I just wanna hit the ball straight for now! I am better with my irons then I am with my Driver.


Responses Are much appreciated!

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Are the Ping i3 Blade Irons good?

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I have been using Ping i3 blades for over a year now, and I think they're great clubs. I started playing golf two years ago, and I find them forgiving enough for my inconsistent swing. I think they're great looking clubs too. I used a friend's irons last week that had quite a bit of offset, and I found that I was hitting quite a pronounced draw -so if you're used to clubs with a lot of offset, you may take some time to adjust to them. Try to have a hit with them before you purchase, if you can.
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Were these your first clubs? I obviously need some forgiving Irons as I am a High Handicap.

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They are my second set. My first set were more forgiving, but I think the i3s are still good for a high handicap. They have a fair bit of perimeter weighting and, despite the name, are definitely not blades.
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The Tommy Armour 845 SilverScot Patented I am looking into. Are these good clubs for Beginners? I don't know much about them. I found a good looking set of these Tommy Armour Irons.



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I played old 845s for about a year after I started golfing in 2012. IMO not very forgiving. When I bought the irons I have now I noticed how unforgiving the 845s were compared to them the very first time I played. I still have them but I wouldn't use them.
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My son-in-law is just starting to play golf. I made him a set of single length Pinhawks. This allows him to learn one swing from one position. It is also his best position, since that is part of the concept. This should get him hitting the ball better sooner. Since he's a rookie, he doesn't have to unlearn an old swing.

I play to a 5 HCP in my league, but overall it's more like a 2. I'm a bagger I guess. :) I use the Pinhawks. The only downfall is that they only go as low as the 5 iron. I wish they had the 4 and 3 iron because the others are so easy to hit.

I'm really contemplating getting the www.1irongolf.com since they do have the "long" irons. I don't care for hybrids as well as irons.
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Tour Edge Exotics XCG series is a good, affordable and forgiving club for a new golfer.
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