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What I hate about habitual cheaters. - Page 2

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After each hole just get your card out and say "7, right?" If they say it was a 5, just go "One into the trees, two into the hazard, Penalty, four onto the green, 3 putts, 7. etc."

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Yeah, I tend not to get into the skins in our league because people fluff up their ball and us preferred lies all the time... I mean I could do that too, but I play by the rules because I use the scores for handicap purposes. Sometimes it's so blatant it throws me off my game, especially if they try to argue about what I should do instead of playing by the rules. They keep trying to get me to take drops for OB, move my ball if it's in a bad spot etc.... 

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The group I play with all the time are all "hard-core" by the rules guys. We just play for fun but we call it the "JUNK TOUR", everyone is honest and we all go by the rules to the best of our knowledge and ability. What would this great game be without the rules....., just another game. 


However, the other day one of our regular guys brought along his brother-in-law and we caught him moving his ball from an impossible lie, mysteriously finding his ball in bounds with his mark on it a few seconds before I found his ball out of bounds with his mark on it and he had the nerve to say someone must use the same mark, (this was his first time at our home course). Needless to say all the guys gave him such a hard time I don't expect him back.


God Bless!!! Ray

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We play a game that has skins/ pins/ teams, $15 buy in, that  plays "fluff it everywhere / putt out everything". It's at a muni without great turf and it works out well.  We get thirty-some guys on the weekend. It would cause a lot of drama to play the ball down.


We did kick out a guy for dropping his towel over his ball and dropping his ball mark inside the proxy marker, but what can you do.

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Originally Posted by tefunk View Post

I actually encourage cheating/making the game easier if the person is not a very good golfer... It helps speed up the game.

Playing for money? That would be different... If the person was good enough that it would matter. One guy I used to play in a skins game with, we gave him a stroke a hole and let him give himself good lies and not have to take strokes on lost balls. I think over two years, he maybe took one or two skins the entire duration.

This is pretty much where my bruv and I are at.


We try to play as close to the rules as possible. No mulligans, no messing with the lie and counting all the penalty strokes. But, we aren't that good, so we liberalize drops a bit to keep up pace. We also never go backward if we find out late that we went OB.

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