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putting to volcano

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At most public courses because of t he amount of play the area around the hole gets delepressed and the result is a mini volcano at the hole putts fall off on all edges any ideas on putting to these holle locations

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I just add a bit more to the putt.  Example:  Normally I putt to go past the hole by 8 inches (~2 cup widths) at most.  If I see this feature or if the grounds crew created a higher hole when the pulled it out, I putt to go 12 - 16 inches (3 - 4 cup widths) past the hole. 

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On any putt, the slower the ball is rolling, the more influence the contour of the green will have on the ball. The faster the ball is rolling the less influence the contour of the green will have on the ball. The length of the roll will also influence the ball due to the contour, but fast, and/or slow ball RPMs will have the most effect on the ball. The situation at hand will dictate what speed you will want to roll the ball. 

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Thanks Ill try that 

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Yep. Just a little more speed. We can that the "donut" effect. I always avoid stepping near the hole. I also tell people I help the same.
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