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Submission Rates

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Just curious: how often do you submit videos? I know what the stats say… I'm curious what you think. Just use your gut/memory.


We find that people upload more frequently at the start, then level off and submit once every few weeks after that. This is perfectly normal and good - you get to tougher pieces and need more time to practice them.


We priced evolvr so low to encourage the proper practice, not high enough that people felt the need to keep submitting even if they hadn't changed much.

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I think that is the exact trend I ended up following.. I have a piece now that I am still not able to nail down, I submitted in the beginning of the month, and I might submit one more time practicing the piece just to check that at least I'm doing things correctly, or maybe for a suggestion of another feel!

In the beginning you so want or have the feeling that you want to use all 4 uploads, but then after that you feel silly doing so with no real changes!
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Every 3-ish weeks for me. Every few months when I log in to submit, there are no videos sitting there, so sometimes I go over a month, but right now I'm usually at the 3 week range.
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I tend to do dedicate myself in spurts. I think I upload maybe once a month during the winter when I can't play, then tend to peter out when the season starts. I pick up again when I start struggling, but then I improve and play as often as I can, spending less time on the range.

There were stretches early on when I probably submitted 2 a month, but now when I focus on practice I probably only submit 1 a month. Part of that is the complexity, but part is also just that I have 1 year old kids that leave me with less time for golf.

I really think the service is well priced, not just for customers but for you, too. If it were more expensive I'd be more likely to cancel when I hit one of those lulls in my practice. As it is, it's cheap enough that I don't mind wasting a few months.

Also, I really can't say enough about how much it has helped me. I've probably dropped 10+ strokes and I think I'm on the verge of dropping another 1 or 2. Lately I've received a lot of complements on my swing and my ball striking from good players.
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I am all over the map. If in panic mode about every week for 2-3. If not, maybe once every 3-4 weeks.
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Probably average out to about once every 3 weeks. Like @dsc123 if I go more than a month I likely won't cancel unless I know I'm done for a while.
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While I am new to evolvr, I am sold on the product.  My target goal is two uploads a month ... I think the ability to upload 4 is fair, but I do not see me doing that. 


Like @dsc123 it is priced to were I do not mind if I don't hit my goal of two a month.  If it was priced higher then I would probably drop out when I knew I would not be able to upload any in a month, just due a work schedule etc 


I am working on my drills know, and will upload an update this weekend.


I am impressed with the service, so far.  

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I used three uploads per month the first two months or so. Now I will probably be one or two per month. 

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I had 3 uploads in the first month. I'm pretty sure it's going to slow down more now, especially as the season nears the end.

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Just submitted my 2nd group of videos in 9 days. I agree that I'll probably be doing the full 4 a month at first and then go down to twice a month likely.

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