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Getting balls for young kids just starting

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I have twin 7 year old girls that have been enjoying hitting some plastic balls with a plastic club in the yard. They do pretty well so I'm thinking of moving them up to a real set of clubs. but I want to get them pink balls (hey they are seven and will get a bigger kick out of a cheap pink ball than a white pro v). so shopping around i found pink nitro golf balls and pink top flite d2s the nitros are less than $7 a box and the top flites around $13-14. at this stage will the difference in ball matter to them? right now they can get the ball in the air a little but not hit it very far.

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The only concern for you at this point should be price. Buy the cheapest you can find.
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I have a 5yr old golfer. What you're looking for is low compression.

Callaway soft
Wilson 50/50
Sirixon solf feel
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Srixon has an "Angry Bird" ball for kids ... it's what I bought.

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Angry birds are 70 compression. Made for 13yr olds.

For a 7 year old they'll feel hard as a rock. Lowest compression on the market is the one you need.
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Doesn't Nike make golf balls specifically for kids?
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I just gave my daughter a bunch of colored balls I've found on the course over the years, and she also likes to color on the white ones... I figure whatever she likes is fine by me.

I did buy her a dozen hot pink balls as one of her bday presents. She hasn't lost one yet, but we pretty much just hang around the practice greens and a wide open easy little Par 3 at this point
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I sell used golf balls (and clubs etc) online for an actual living. I sell 100 MINT mixed value or off brand balls (Dunlop, InTech, Tommy Armour etc) for $24.99 PRIORITY SHIPPING INCLUDED. I get anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 balls per month and would accumulate literally hundreds of thousands of balls a year that I don't have the room so I basically give them away. After shipping it comes out to under $1.50 for a dozen mint golf balls which you can't beat! No need buying expensive brand name balls at this stage of his game so honestly that is your best bet. I'm a new member here and don't want to look like I'm trying to advertise my business because I'm not. You can get similar, even better deals on ebay. The best way to to bid on assorted value brand used golf ball auctions that start at 99 cents and have no reserve. Going the buy it now route will end up costing you triple the amount. Hope this helps!
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I would get the cheapest balls that will make them happy for just knocking around.  If they do start playing at some point, low compression will help their distance.

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They sell bags of practice balls at walmart/target pretty cheap. Thats what I grew up using

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