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Best GPS Watch?

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What the best gps watch for around $200 to $250?
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Any Garmin you can find on sale.

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Try TLink. It's pretty new on the market, but it's an awesome GPS watch and way below your price range.

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I use a GolfBuddy WT3, which I'm very happy with.
It should be around the price range your looking for, so you may want to check it out.

One warning in case you never used one before: once you're used to it, it becomes very annoying to play without a2_wink.gif
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I use the Bushnell NEO X. Battery life is great. I easily play two rounds with room to spare. Great for weekend getaways.
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I have the Garmin S1. I have a friend who just bought one. If he would have asked, I would have recommended to Bushnell Neo because of the increased battery life. The Garmin works great for 1 round, but is challenged on the second 18. 27 holes works OK.
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