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POTUS uses Game Golf

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It's the GPS tracker thingamajig I think. You attach it to the bottom of your club and at the end of the round you go online and see the distances you hit.

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Yes GAME GOLF is a fantastic system has really helped me improve as a golfer. It's simple to use and i has already helped me to knock 4 strokes off my handicap. The stats are fantastic and it's a really fun and engaging way to track my golf game from club yardages to my shot tendencies off the tee. Wonder will I be able to compare my stats with the President..Is anyone else a user and we can start following each other. I'm originally from Ireland but with GAME GOLF I have been tracking my kids progress on the course even though I live half way across the world half the year

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Well, That rules out me supporting Game Golf.....c5_banana.gifc3_clap.gif
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Looks like Michelle hasn't been feeding him at all lately
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I posted this just wondering, how does one get someone like POTUS to use your creation? What a get from the creator pov.

Of course it helps to have pro endorsements and founders who came from companies that made proven products, but marketing and luck help too duh.
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