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My experience so far with Golf Tech

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Hey everyone this is a really cool forum with lots of useful information so I decided to join and use my first post to tell you a little about my experience with Golf Tech.


I've been playing golf non stop for 2 years now and I've gone through some serious up and downs with my game with my best score being 85 and then all of a sudden it dropping down to 120+ with me not having a clue what's wrong with my swing.


I'm 26, pretty athletic, 6'3 200 lbs so I know I have potential to be a good golfer just as I'm sure everyone else who takes the game seriously does. This is what brings me to Golf tech. I take this game so seriously and have spent so much of the last 2 years of my life on the golf course that it's just depressing to play and play and play and not show results. I think we all know that the more golf you play does not mean the better you get!! If anything, the more you play without proper instruction and practice, the WORSE you get!!


So I went to golf tech for help. Yes I know it's ridiculously expensive and I actually had to look at my budget and do some serious number crunching before doing it and after figuring out that I could afford it I decided to just say screw it and jump right in. By the way I went with the 25 lesson/90 min a week practice/club fitting package that costs $2400.



I'm about to be on my 7th lesson and already the results I've seen with my swing is absolutely astonishing!!!!  Seriously, if you are struggling with your game and want to get better, this is the way to go. My instructor who is a PGA professional can take a look at my swing and tell me everything thats wrong with it and give me a drill to work on that fixes each part of the swing. I'm now hitting the ball so consistently and so much farther!! my 8 iron was my 140 yard club and now I'm hitting it 165 with a smooth swing and 175 if I'm trying to crush it. My driver use to be 240 and now I'm hitting it 275 on average with it sometimes getting up to 290+.


I still remember when the swing just started to click and the day I was out on the course I ended up playing 36 holes because I didn't want to leave. Golf when you are playing good is seriously addicting and so much fun. I'm beating all of my friends that I play with and whenever I get paired up with random amateurs they are usually amazed at how consistent I am.


So my point in telling you all of this is STOP LOOKING AT FANCY EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT AND USE THAT MONEY TO FIX YOUR SWING!!  we spend a lot of money on golf balls, gloves, tees, green fees, carts, range balls, new clubs, and we don't ever consider taking a lesson. If you want to get better, you have to make a change! Go to golf tech and get a swing evaluation and consider taking some lessons. IT's expensive, but if you love the game as much as I do, you won't regret it!

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1st post.  Seems legit. 

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What, no coupons???




Just kidding, welcome to TST. Most of us regulars are very much with you on the importance of getting quality instruction. I'm glad you found a good instructor.

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Thanks for the testimony. What prompted you to choose Golf Tec? Friends, relatives etc?
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I've looked into Golf Tech before and it's crazy pricey.  I would be curious if people think it's worth it.  


I golfed with one guy that loved Golf Tech, but he had a crazy swing that hit the ball pretty straight, but really short.  He seemed happy about it.  Others have mentioned that Golf Tech goes too slow and spends the first five lessons or so on the backswing.  

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I have taken 2 lessons at Golftech. I liked the pro that was giving the lessons.
If I was going to be critical I would say he may have over relied on the technology they have. While having all the cameras and sensors is cool and useful we may have spent too much time looking at the data that my very messed up swing was showing.
Having said that, I did come away from the 2 lessons with a good idea of what to work on and my game has improved dramatically since the lessons.
For reference I went from having trouble ever getting the ball airborne to now hitting it fairly cleanly most of the time. Still scoring over 100 but dropping each round.
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I am happy with Evolvr ... For those that see golftec as pricey, give Evolvr as look ... Plus it's the local favorite ... If ya know what I mean
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