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leupold range finder best there is.
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I pesonally would go Rangefinder. Got one a couple months ago and the battery died one round and I was just lost. GPS are probably close enough but 5 yards mean a different club so I like to have the exact yardage. If you walk then maybe the watch is more convenient and you are just giving up exact distance for that convenience. I have to guess that what the earlier poster does when his friend has to take his out of his bag and put it back in over and over because obviously if you ride there are plenty of places to keep it if it comes with a case.

I got the bushnell v3 and it's accurate, easy and quick hitting the pin. Doesn't work in dense fog though. It has a jolt feature but I have never used it. I would think everything in the $300 range would work about the same though most people will probably tell you what they have is the best.
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I chose garmin s3 watch for it's convenient, at a glance yardage whilst walking, I easily get two full rounds to 1 charge so I only charge it once a week, plus you can add upto 5 markers per each hole for distances to hazards etc so it's not just front middle and back of green.
However if you cart round a lot I could then see the advantage of a range finder or hand held device! Each to their own really, whatever is most convenient to the player, only you can decide that!
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