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Mizuno 0803

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Anybody know what finish this putter has? I've seen both polished stainless and chrome listed, but don't know which is accurate.

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It doesn't look like chrome. There would be shiny areas and some spotting if it was just a plated surface.

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It's aluminum zinc alloy brushed
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Thanks, Hack! That sounds like a confident answer? Only ask because that's the third different answer I've got.
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Find a magnet, if it's sticks hard it's high steel content metal if it doesn't it's most likely aluminum zinc
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I don't actually have one to check any more. Was thinking about getting one to have Tom Slighter customize. Guess I'll just buy one and hope for the best since they're fairly cheap.
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Bought one and will be sending it to Tom. Hopefully it is something he can use.
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He said he thinks it is an aluminum alloy of some sort.

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That's a cool putter! (But can you putt with it...?)
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We shall see. It's similar to my current putter so I'm hoping...

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