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i keep putting top spin on the ball with my driver

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Hey there everyone I've been having a problem with my 3 wood and driver as of late. 

everytime i hit my driver or 3 wood it seems like everything goes for about 50 yards and about 15 yards off the ground then just dives into the ground. i never had this problem last year or the year before or every before for that matter. it has only recently developed. and honestly it sucks not being able to pull the driver out on a par 5 and hit it with confidence or my 3 wood on longer par 4's. as it stands right now all I've been hitting is irons off the tee and i have been hitting them great nice and high with a little baby draw at the peak of the flight. 


I've been hitting it right in the middle of the face and it still just dies down and its not like it feels like I'm hitting it bad it just dies about 50 yards out. i don't have a video of my swing to show but I've tried the best i can to model my swing after adam scott over the past few years and i haven't had this problem and honestly its extremely frustrating when all my buddies just pull  out driver every hole and bang away while I'm standing there with a 4 iron in my hand for the most part 



if you guys could think of any tips or things i could try please let me know. 




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Hi, welcome to the the forums :beer:


I suggest you video your swing as post a MySwing thread, where other members can see you've videos and help you out as much as possible. (No one can really help you without video).


This would be a good thread to check out in getting started: 


So You Joined TST and Posted a Member Swing Thread…
started on 03/13/14 last post 05/29/15 at 10:28pm 18 replies 5090 views
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My guess is you are releasing the club too early; basically breaking the wrist before contact.  On the shorter clubs, the irons, you are probably doing this just after contact, which is actually helping them get that high in the air flight. 


When I had this problem, I was aiming the swing too much at the ball, and a fix for me was to feel I was swinging at a spot farther out in front of the ball. 


Another time I caused a similar problem by pulling my left arm in before contact. Basically, I needed to either keep the left arm more connected for a one-plane "body" swing, or let the left arm swing freely forward with the elbow towards the target until after contact, for a two-plane "swinging" style. I was mixing incompatible methods.  In your case, if your model is Adam Scott, you probably want the swinging style. 


In both cases though, I was doing something which caused the clubhead to turn or flip before contact. This produces what I call the "dead duck": the ball starts out OK, and you feel like you hit is solid, then it just dies like a duck shot in mid flight by a duck hunter.


If you think an early release is the problem, a couple more things to try at address might be a bit more secondary tilt (helps with that feeling that you are swinging out in front of the ball), and a bit of forward press (reminds you that the hands should be ahead of the ball before contact, the clubhead shouldn't overtake the hands until after).  

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