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New clubs for wife

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My wife has been taking some golf lessons and is looking to upgrade her clubs from the hand me down hand me downs that she is using. Any recommendations?
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I put together a set of Pinhawk single length irons for my son-in-law for under $200. If she is just learning how to golf, she may adjust to them pretty quickly. I play the Pinhawks and I'm hoping to get my handicap on the plus side this year. Putting will tell with me. Irons are no problem.

For woods, I'm waiting for Ping to bring down the G25 and pick up a driver and hybrid. Maybe fairway wood too. Forgiving and long. Plus I like the look.
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Ah, I misunderstood the thread title, I thought you were of erring a trade...... a3_biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by David in FL View Post

Ah, I misunderstood the thread title, I thought you were of erring a trade...... a3_biggrin.gif


Hmmm. Tough decision. I wouldn't mind having new clubs but I guess I better just play with the old ones and keep the wife. a2_wink.gif

(Now if they were fitted clubs...)
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Haha no not looking to trade, maybe I should of chosen my words more carefully.
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Lol. I was gonna say, "good trade" but y'all beat me to it.
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It depends in part on her height and overall athletic ability.


Taller women, especially if they have an athletic background, may be able to use R-flex men's clubs. Taller women can generate the leverage to use R.flex.


If your wife is 5-foot-2 or under, she might look at Petite club models. Petites have shafts an inch shorter than standard women's clubs, and are a bit flatter in lie angle.


For women, Adams Idea and Callaway Solaire Gem models have petite versions of their sets, as do other manufacturers.


Let her try different models and pick out what she likes. On occasion, one of the club manufacturers will have a "women's day" or "ladys' night" for women in the area to come out and try their clubs.


When she finds a model she likes, she should at the very least get a "static fitting" -  the fitter checks her for shaft length and flex, lie angle, and grip thickness.

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Thanks for the input! We will see how it goes.
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I got my wife an 8 piece Callaway set years ago.  It has the essentials.  She really uses half the clubs anyway.  Your wife might become a player or a 9 and dine kind of player.  Mine stayed nine and dine so it worked out perfectly for me.  If she becomes more serious you can always upgrade.

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I won't tell you WHAT to get, but I'll let you know which clubs my wife wore out during her first 5 seasons of playing seriously:


Driver, #5 hybrid; 7-SW, putter.  It took about 5 seasons for her to really get a feel for 'this club goes this far' and develop any consistency.


Last season, I bit the bullet taking her to a quality club fitter.  She hit several brands of clubs with the results shown on a track man or whatever.  This was really nice to see in terms of carry distance by club, roll out and dispersion pattern across the different club manufacturers.


She ended up with a new set of Pings that includes Driver, 7-wood, #5-6 hybrids, 7-9 irons and PW, SW.  The Ping clubs were the ones she hit farthest, most consistently and in the tightest distribution pattern according to the track man data results. After deciding on the Pings, the club fitter took all the usual measurements including hand size and had the set fitted for her.


Again, I'm not advocating Ping, but getting my wife a set of clubs that proved out to fit her swing and fit to her size and swing speed has resulted in about 20 strokes coming off her game from last year to this.  The new set was anything but economical, but she's likely going to be playing them for a long time to come.  At least 10 years, I hope!!!


I think the fitting was a great idea for my wife.  And based on the improvement in her game, an overall success.  Consider a fitting for your wife as well.  This way, she's not going to end up with a half a bag full of clubs she can't hit and won't use.



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