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Does anyone make a cavity back iron that has a .355 hosel?

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Interested to know if anyone makes a cavity back iron or a more forgiving iron that has a .355 hosel?
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The .355" hosel is the taper tip. The taper tip shafts tend to be uniform weight, and come in a kit with all the shafts pre-tipped to fit the taper hosel - you would order individual shafts for each iron (4i, 5i, etc.). Parallel shafts come the same length, and the clubfitter would buy a bundle of eight shafts and tip-trim each before assembly.


Many of these TTIP hosels will be GI or "player's cavity" irons:



X20 Tours / RazrX Forged / X.Forged (2013) / Apex Pro (verify w/ fitter if all are TT)



Tour Preferred CB and MC models; check with fitter for SLDRs.



Often used taper-tip in past; can't tell what current irons have TTip hosels



J40 Cavity Back / J40 Dual Pocket Cavity



These are the OEMs I could find info on quickly. Ask you local clubfitter about other brands.

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I guess I should have given more information of why I'm asking.
I currently have a set of mizuno MP-59 with C-Taper shafts. I have come to realize I'm not ready for a "players club" yet. Too many off center hits. I need something with a larger head(more foregiving). I love the shafts and want to try and keep them to install in the next set of heads I can find preferably with a .355 hosel. I wasn't sure if there's such a thing(very forgiving larger head with a .355 hosel). Thanks.
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Mizuno rated the MP59 as designed for +2 to 13 HDCP.


The cost of transferring the C-Taper shafts be costly. If you transferred shafts from the new irons to the MP59s, this could run you $20 x 8(?) clubs x 2 sets = $320. Then, if you regrip, that's another $80 an iron set.


Something to consider...

Try out the JP-825 and JP-825.Pro irons from Mizuno. Have the fitter insert the C-Taper test shafts. If a JPX model seems to work out for you, get the C-Taper shafts as a custom add-on and see how much you can get for a Mizuno "in-house" trade. And, you could get the new JPX custom-fit to you.


Also, note that the Cleveland 588 iron models are on clearance. You might like the MT or TT models, several of which were fitted with C-Taper Lite models as standard. Adams also has iron sets with C-Taper varieties as stock shafts.

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I'd say get a set of maltby TE irons. They fit both .370 and .355 shafts, I use them with a .355 c taper right now and they're a fair bit more forgiving than blades despite looking pretty compact. Definitely launch the ball a bit higher and have traditional lofts. They also only cost 25$ per head and have several models available with more forgiveness as well. You'd be able to reuse the shafts you have now and it would only cost the reshaft job, which isn't too tough to do yourself. 

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Thanks. I'll try that.
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Is the jpx-825 hosel size .355?
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More confusion: The original KBS Tour C-Taper shafts now come in both Taper Tip (TTIP) and Parallel Tip (PTIP). I checked the GolfWorks catalog.



Originally Posted by kjr21 View Post

Is the jpx-825 hosel size .355?


You would need to contact someone who fits Mizunos.

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