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What could I do in the future?

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So recently I've started to really play golf more seriously. It has me thinking about what I could do with my game and where it could take me.
I am an 18 year old kid, college student, but was never involved with the teams in high school or college now. At my home course I can shoot around par, usually par to 75 is average, my best was a 70, the hardest course by me I've managed to shoot an 83, which by the reactions of my group seems good for that course.
I've never had any lessons, never been taught, so I feel like there's many flaws in my swing and stance, and also feel that with good teaching I could knock a few strokes off a round.

These scores are also with very much below par putting, I can make the greens with ease, and then 2/3 putt way too often. I drive around 280 flat.

But basically my question is, with what I've said, would getting lessons and a teacher be worth it? Could I get into some smaller tournaments and possibly be an above average golfer? Or should I be happy playing as a slightly over par golfer?
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Welcome to the site @littlewag7 .  We look forward to your contributions to the site.  Lessons could help you improve as would playing in tournaments.  Check out the Swing Thoughts section of this site.  Also, many member post swing videos in the Members Swings section. There are many good players and a few instructors on this site that can give advice on how to improve.

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lessons will always help. Try to get a tryout with your college. 2/3 putts is pretty high though. I would practice putting 20-30 mins before each round plus try and find a putting mat and use that in your dorm while taking breaks from studying. 

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