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Driver Dilemna ... Again...

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As I approach my 70th round of golf this year I again have the Driver Itch. First some history, Last year I started the season with a trusty Tour Edge Exotics CB1 10.5 degree. About a third of the way thru the season the head stated coming loose. Either thru my use or their screw up when I had the club repaired they found the shaft tip had begun to split. Remedy was to trim 1" from tip and add 1" to the butt. Absolutely deadened the club. I put the Tour Edge on the shelf and added a Taylormade R9Supertri again in 10.5 loft. Club has a regular Blur shaft from a R11. I play the club neutral upright and lightened the weights to 2-1-2 (heel to toe). For the longest time the club seemed acceptable. I say acceptable because it never had the distance the retired Tour Edge Exotics had. Problem I am having right now is the flight of the ball... it simply flies too high and lacks zip and roll out. Research tells me high flight is common with Supertri heads? I have moved weights around and have tinkered with closed and open settings. Bottom line the club loses distance by flying so high. So here is my dilemna... Do I try a different shaft hoping I can overcome the Supertri's tendency to fly high? Or do I shop for another driver from the 2012-2013 inventory on Ebay? BTW I have demoed 9 degree drivers in the past but usually hit them poorly, make that very poorly. Is there a holy grail that has loft (for straightness)  but a lower ball flight to give me some roll out?  Right now I am considering a Cleveland SL290 12 degree driver. I know it sounds crazy to shop for more loft but I read reviews that say the SL290 is low spin  so my launch angle might actually improve vs the Supertri? Especially looking for recommendations from someone who formerly played a Supertri. What did you replace your Supertri with? Thanks.

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Have you hit on a launch monitor at all?  Why is the club going high?  Why is it short?

If you have high spin that is likely the problem but there is not way to know without checking.

Are there Golfsmiths near you?

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Originally Posted by inthecup View Post

Have you hit on a launch monitor at all? 


Also, CB1 is circa 2008 technology. It's time to get fitted and see what you need for a driver.


Another option: you could get the CB1 rebuilt with a current shaft comparable to the original. Again, you could find likely shafts using a launch monitor.


Note: The CB1 likely felt dead because you trimmed the tip 1 inch. This stiffened the flex of the club.

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