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We're way z8_offtopic.gif  right now.

I went to my friends CC yesterday with the families to swim and play tennis.  The etiquette is .... that I trust if there is anything I need to know, my friend will tell me.  For example, I wondered if the club would care if I showed up in flip flops, but figured that my friend would warn me if anything like that were the case.  He didn't and it wasn't.

And worst case, if it was the case and he forgot to tell me, chances are somebody there lets me (or him) know politely, and I'm perhaps slightly emabarrassed until I have my shoes on, and I know better for next time.

No need to overthink this.

And most clubs wouldn't call out a guest either. Their business is member/guest satisfaction for the most part. Something extreme they might say something. Doubt the OP would do that if he is asking the questions here. Although my former CIO was spoken to at Winged Foot for changing his shoes in the parking lot. He was a tool though.

Yes, don't overthink. Just do what's common sense and err on the side of caution. Sometimes guests are the nicest and polished people that the staff will meet that day.