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Go ahead and post details of a BLOW UP hole so we know we're not the lone ranger out there

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Sunday afternoon, the par-5 #18 at Raintree in Green, OH near Canton-Akron airport.


No. 18 has a split fairway divided by a 15-20 yards wide creek / water hazard down the middle.  I haven't found the value of playing the upper (right) fairway after playing the course many times.  Bombed one to my usual spot on the left fairway but it ballooned up and was pushed into the hazard by the wind..


Dropped out 2 and hit my third into a bunker on the upper fairway which is the next logical shot.  Everything drops significantly R to L so the idea is hit anything past the traps on the right edge of the upper fairway and it feeds down nicely to the 100 yard marker.  From there it's an easy wedge to a wide green fronted by two ponds left and right connected by a water channel.  Bunkers also guard front of green.


So I hit #3 into the closer of the two bunkers with just a miserable swing. Upon reaching ball in bunker, pulled a 9-iron with the idea of getting to the 100 yard marker or closer.  Bladed the bunker shot, hits front lip, goes straight up, hits grass and trickles into second bunker 10 yards in front of me.  By now I'm flustered, so I climb in and hit only a 10 yard green side bunker shot with the same 9-iron that stays in the deep stuff and went nowhere.


Already laying 5, I hit a 7-iron from the rough to a back pin which measured 140 even on the range finder.  Fatted the 7-iron and it fell miserably short into the channel that connects the two large ponds.  Pulled out stroke SEVEN and dropped my 2 clubs lengths back and in the rough.  Tell my buddy, 'watch this' and hit a lob wedge right over the flag stick to about 8'. Get to green, it's a wicked downhill left-breaking 10-foot putt.  If it doesn't go in for a 9, it's a certain 2-putt back up the slope and a 12 for the hole!


Pulled putter back about 2" and nudged the ball.  Picking up speed all the way to the hole ... and it buries dead center for a NINE!!!  Honestly, I don't know if I could have written a double-digit single hole score on the card.  I've been playing all my life and cannot remember taking a 10 or worse possibly EVER.


And what a freaking disaster of a finish.  After making doubles on 7, 8 and 9, pulled it back together all the way through 17 when disaster struck on 18.  Carded 92 to lose by 3 shots.


Post a Blow UP, Melt Down or Disaster of a hole so I know I'm not the lone ranger out there.





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Since my index is about double of yours my blow up holes show up way too often.  I'll give you one of the many that I suffered last night.  I pushed my tee shot into the trees on the right side of the fairway.  My second shot I punched out back into the fairway which left me about 150 to the flag.  I topped the ball on my next shot and dumped it into the ditch that was 50 yds in front of me.  Dropped for my fourth stroke. Got under the ball with my gap wedge and the ball landed just short of the green side bunker, stroke #5.   Ok now all I have to do is chip it over the bunker and on the green,  whoops, lifted up and topped the ball into the bunker, #6.  Out of the bunker, #7 and a 2 putt for a 9.

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Men's Club tournament - The "dreaded" orange ball. We play in groups of five using the two best net scores, plus the orange ball which rotates from player to player each hole. The orange ball is pressure with a capital "P" because your score contributes to the team, no matter how crappy it is.


I'm having a fairly good round, when I get the orange ball to play on hole 13. I promptly pull my drive left into a lake. Dropping 2, I am now hitting 3 from about 185 yards out. I hit a decent 5 iron and end up 6 feet off the green, but still in the short fringe.


I'm far enough off the green that I should probably chip here, but I'm feeling the nerves, so I pull my putter. My putt is struck poorly and hits a tuft of grass, which further decelerates the ball. After that glorious effort, I am now looking at a 25 footer for bogey.


Still under the impression I can salvage something here, I jam my next putt and run it 8 feet past the hole. My double bogey putt is well struck, but it grazes the lip on the left side and rolls past.


Shell shocked, I give my team a look of apology as I prepared to tap in my 20 incher for triple bogey. Somehow, I stab the putt and it does a full 180 around the cup before settling on the lip.


Now I want the earth to swallow me as I tap in my quadruple bogey 8.

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Had a 75 going onto #17.  I'll have my lowest round this year if I just bogey the last two holes for an 11. I'll have my second lowest round this year if I double bogey both for a 13. Putts were dropping Driver was working, I even had two sandies. Let's do it!




-I get out of my pre-shot routine on #!7 watching  two guys weave their carts into the fairway looking for a ball. Normally I just walk up and hit with minimal swing thoughts. Here I stood staring at them for a minute. I should have restarted. Anyway I topped the drive 20 yards.


-Recovery shot. I hit a good fairway wood 180 yards out to where my partners lay. Time for a 130 lay-up in front of a water hazard, I execute that fine, Laying three with 140 yards to go, and  only100 yards to cross the lake, Hit that same layup shot again, two putt for a bogey and I'm OK. . .


Standing in front of the water hazard, looking at the green 110 yards away, I got nervous. I lost my swing tempo, and swung as hard as I could, and skulled the ball into the lake. I forgot to use the drop zone provided by the course on the other side. Might have posted an 8 that way. Nope. I skulled a second ball and a third ball into the water. Now laying nine, it would take 1 more stroke to cross and a three putt to finish that hole for a 13.


Didn't break 90.

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Just ONE blow up hole lol I got many. One that comes to mind was last year I was playing a fairly good round (for my standards) on a par 4 i sprayed the ball to the left but still had a open clear shot at the green. My watch said I was 130 yards (rough guess) to centre of the green pw would leave me short 9 might be a touch too strong so I try and take 10% or so off my shot. I unfortunately hit it pure and crisp. it takes one hop at the back of the green and lands in a mess of trees and shrubs. Logic suggests take the penalty and drop the ball out of there. NOPE!!! I think I can make this shot, I have a clear path to swing my club and I think i can make it on the green. I hit the ball clean it looks like it has a chance to clear all trouble...tree!!! Ball goes back even further then where it was! 4th shot, take the unplayable...NOPE!!! Ball stays in the mess. 5th shot hack the ball, 6th shot finally get out of the mess. 7th shot make it on the green and 8th shot miracle 1 putt!!! I now take the penalty stroke and cut my losses...well almost always lol

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Most disappointing hole of my summer tournament season by far. Leading a Pepsi event at Terre Haute Country Club, came up to hole 14 leading by 4 shots. Was -3 at that time.

Par 5, OB left about 20 yards into the rough, small fairway and a huge tree right off the tee box that would catch anything that was pushed or hit high.

1st shot Driver pull hook ob, 3rd Driver pull hook ob, 5th 4-iron pull hook ob, 7th 3wood punch just to finally get it out there had about 400 yards left, 8th 5-iron push to about 210 in some trees, 9th had an opening and put a 5-iron about 10 feet short of the green, 10th chip to about 4 feet, 11th a freaking lip out, 12th in the hole.

Now I was sitting at +4 which was ok.

Birdied the next 2 holes to pull even with the guy I played with who eventually won it.

On 17 a long par 4 (450ish) hit a solid drive and had a PW in 154 I believe I hit it too about 3 feet and lipped that birdie out. Wouldn't have matter as the guy eagled it with a driver-3wood from litterally like 240.

I had to eagle the next hole for a tie and missed the 30 footer by inches to lose the tournament by one.

But hey, I shot a 74 with a 12 so that was nice.

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10th hole at Industry Hills - Eisenhower, Par 5, Last August during my season ending tournament (where I had won the previous tournament and had loads of confidence) ...


It's a medium length par 5 that goes up to a crest, and then down and to the right, with a pond in front of the green. I hit my first drive fairly well but with draw into a headwind that pushed it even further left and into a bad area. So I hit a provisional. Found the first one, but had an awkward stance due to the hill and a little tree. I took a 9 iron and an abbreviated punch swing and got it out of there and into a somewhat reasonable position ... right side of the fairway, 165 or so out. There were trees in my line to the pin, but the pin was tucked all the way to the right of the green and I wasn't going for it anyways. Aimed well left of the pin and the trees, but managed to hit a big push directly into them and then into the pond beyond. Moved forward a bit on the line with the hole such that I could hit a PW, and topped my next one directly into the bushes in front of me. Tried the exact same shot and this time hit a rocket about 12" off the ground that skipped across the pond, but it hit the bank on the other side and dropped in. Now, I was able to move up to the edge of the pond away from the trees and bushes and hit a wedge onto the green. Hit a horrible lag putt to about 6 feet, but then made a nice stroke on that one and drained it ... FOR AN ELEVEN! ;) That was sweet relief too, because I mean, could you imagine if I had to take a 12 on that hole?!?! That would have been embarrassing!!!:8)

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I usually have at least one per round.   Local course, Sugarbush (7326 yds) , par 5 #17.   I shouldn't be that difficult because the fairway is wide.   OB on the left with light trees on the right that one could at least find a stray ball.    I had had trouble getting off of the tee but hit a very good tee shot.   My second shot, I pulled a 5H OB on the left.   In my haste and flusteration I dubbed a chip, hit the second attempt over the green and finally on the third chip put if on the green.   Three putts later a 9.   I didn't play from the tips, playing from the white tee, I realize I should have played from the senior tees.

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This is the worst one that happened to me today. The hole is a par 4, 390 yards. I pull-hook a drive out of bounds, hit a weak one to the right center of the fairway, and am lying three. I get to the ball, pull out a 6 iron, and chunk it into the creek 100 yards ahead of me. I then take a drop, hit a massive shank, and the ball ricochets off my bag and actually manages to go BACKWARDS. Lying six now, I hit a bad wedge to the right fringe and two-putt for a 9. 

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Invited to play with my boss and his boss. Now I don't usually bet on golf but of course they do, so now there is money on the line. First hole on Bethpage, Red, I'm invited to "show us the way" and I proceed to top the ball over the cliff. I then put it in a fairway trap on the right, three stroke to get out!! The green is on a hill so I then bury my sixth shot straight into the side of the hill. Two chips to get on the green and three putt. My round went down hill from there. Call it nerves or whatever but I could not hit the ball that day. Later on in the round I did connect with a great fairway wood and put it on the green, the only problem was that the foursome in front was still on the green. I sucked that day, worse day of my life on the course.

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Hole #13, Saxon Golf Course, Sarver, PA - 380 yards, par 4


The first 190 yards is a chute of trees, and then a dogleg left. At the corner of the dogleg is a tree, so many shots end up either in the right rough, or the treeline to the right.


Shot 1: Well, this day I tried to draw the ball around the dogleg and hit a pull-hook, unfortunately the ball did not hit any perimeter tree and went deep into the woods behind another tree.


Shot 2: I tried to hit a cut shot back to the fairway but hit another tree, bounced left deeper into the woods.


Shot 3: I was so deep into the woods that there was no way forward to the fairway, so I punched a shot backward and ended up in the roots of a tree.


Shot 4: Took a drop out of the roots.


Shot 5: Believe it or not, I hit yet another tree and was still in the woods.


Shot 6: Finally, punched the ball back to the fairway, 100 yards from the green.


Shot 7: Pulled a wedge left of the green.


Shot 8: Hit a chip shot to about 6 feet.


Shot 9: Missed the putt.


Shot 10: Tapped in.



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Guys:  GREAT stories and all well-told.  I wasn't laughing a bit when I wrote the original post.  Still a bit miffed over Sunday's final hole melt-down.


I just got home from a family deal and I'm sitting here eating a bowl of cereal reading your posts.  Got to Jim260's story at Bethpage and laughed so hard that milk squirted out of my nose!  "My round went downhill from there."  Hahaha!


Guess it happens to all of us.  Not fun when you're in the middle of such a bad hole, but I feel better after reading stories posted by others.  Thank you.



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Playing a relatively short par-4 with a sharp dogleg right at the end, I decide to pull a 3-wood just to get one out there... and by "get one out there" I mean top the ball so it ends up in the water on the right. I tee another one up for my third shot and put it in the sand about 200 yards down the hole on the left. My first attempt out of the sand hits the lip of the bunker and falls back in so it is now situated just at the right edge of the bunker. Frustrated, my decision-making ability is compromised and I decide that I NEED to hit the green with my next shot. I choose a 4-hybrid (it is my favorite club after all so what could possibly go wrong?) and proceed to slice it into the woods up by the green. Laying 6, I somehow manage to get my next shot onto the green and two-putt to finish off the hole with a 9.

This blow up hole stands out to me because I completed what I like to call the hazard trifecta: where a ball ends up in the water, sand, and woods all on the same hole!
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There are several holes that I would like to blow up




For instance, #14 at Kittyhawk in Dayton, OH.

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Par 3 - 160 yards ends up in long grass 2 yards short of front of green and just right of a bunker. 


Shot 2 - two feet in bunker and ball about 3 feet above in deep grass. Ball goes a yard and remains in deep stuff.


Shot 3 - Deep stuff wins


Shot 4 - onto green and rolls downhill about 20 feet


2 putts.




Learn and go forward.


Take more club.

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The same holes give me trouble all the time. Some of it mental which often leads to poor scores. On my home course it's holes 6 11 13 17. How I play those 4 holes is a big factor in overall score. If I keep it to bogey I stand a good chance to break 80.  If I double two of them I have to play pretty clean on the other 14. This is why these holes can be trouble for me.


# 6 is 411 yard par 4 slight dogleg left but standing on the box everything looks to slope right. Really doesn't but the mounds on the left don't make it look draw friendly. It's on the highest point of the course and there is often wind. OB on both sides of the hole. My miss on this hole is left and short from the tee. To minimize damage I often hit 3w from the tee and lay up, I often have as much as 185 to the green. The green is tough to hit and it slopes severely left to right and is guarded by nasty bunkers. A miss left of the green is dead, requires a flop or delicate chip that is tough to pull off. Rough at this course is nasty. If I was smart I'd play two 180 yard shots and pitch on from the right and hope I leave it below the hole with a chance to one putt.


#11 210 yard par 3 surrounded by bunkers. With wind I've hit as much as 5w on this hole and came up short. This will sound stupid but the play for me is laying up just short of the green on the closely mown area and chipping up. Any miss but in front of the green is bad. I've made triples on this hole quite a few times trying to recover from a bad tee shot. It's a potato chip green so even hitting GIR usually leaves a nasty putt. I make more pars getting up and down on this hole than hitting GIR. It's a 3 putt machine. A bogey here leaves me feeling pretty good because the par 5 that follows is a birdie opportunity.


#13 160 yard par 3 entirely over water from the blue tees. I laser the pin on this one and it's usually in the 175 range. It's a ball eater if there is wind, it's always windy up here. The drop area is in the nasty rough. Easy to snag the club in it and leave it short or just miss if it does hit the green. This hole is tough to make par getting up and down so GIR is necessary for success. I've never saved a bogey hitting from the drop. A double here is a score killer unless I am +4-5 up to this point.


# 17 430 yard par 4 that plays uphill. Really a straight forward hole but both sides are knee deep native grass with OB. It's uphill and anything less than a solid 250 yard drive or something near the 150 and GIR is tough. There is enough elevation that it takes a good 20 yards off your drive so to get to the 150 really need to hit a 270 yard shot. The green is open but easy to miss. The cart path winds around it, miss it there and a bounce can take it OB. This hole is often the make or break when it comes to keeping the score near or under 80. A double here could mean needing a birdie on the following par 5 to accomplish that. Unfortunately the following hole isn't easy despite being a short par 5. Tee behind water, somewhat intimidating carry with huge bunkers on the right. Playing 17 well  at least keeping it to bogey is a must. Kind of like # 6 it's not a bad idea to hit two 190 shots to keep it in play and attempt to chip it close. The green is pretty flat so easy to play a bump and run. If I par this hole it's usually getting up and down.


Because 3 of the 4 problem holes are on the back my goal is always no more than 40 on the front. The course is par 71 and I've broken 80 with a 42 on the front but having to keep it to +2 on the back has a way of getting in my head.

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My worst debacle of the year.  #4 at Fernwood ... tough uphill blind par 3 - tiny green & to left drops off 60 ft as soon as you step foot off green.


Hit fantastic 8 iron to 8 ft.


Looking bird in the eye.


Didn't notice severity of slope and that this is like a Pinehurst #2 green - domed.


Putted JUST past, kept rolling ...and rolling.


OK - so I'm left with an uphill 25 footer from the collar.


Left come backer way short due to slope.


Gassed putt up hill (I didn't want to leave it short ... again) & wound up much farther past hole than I wanted.


So now I'm faced with almost as long of a putt as I started out with ... 2 putted on the way back (very gingerly I might add - respect was given this time).




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Playing in the Indiana State Am, 7268 yds, 75.3/136.

I shot 78 the first day, just didn't get anything going.

The second day I played really well, I was one under through 15 holes. On the 16th hole I had just gotten onto the green when we got hit with a downpour. Rained so hard they blew the horn due to standing water on greens.

Waited for the green to clear, went back out... 3 putted from 20 feet for bogey. I was upset, but still even and still happy with my round.

Anyway, we get to the next hole... One of the hardest holes on the course. Skinny fairway par 4, 441 yards, elevated green...

I stand up to the tee feeling good. I've been smashing my driver down the middle all day. Hit literally a 70 yard slice. I find my ball, I'm standing on the side of a really steep slope, I decide to be smart, get to the fairway, and take bogey. Hit a great shot to the fairway to about 80 yards out. My money shot. "I love 80 yards" I'm thinking to myself "I'm going to make par.". The pin was tucked way back and I didn't realize it. I hit it 3 yards too far, hopped into a bunker behind the green. Hit a good shortsided bunker shot to probably 6 feet. Blew the first one by, missed the second one, tapped in the third putt. Made a triple. Ended up shooting +3 and making the cut on the number.

Played just as well the last two days of the tournament, only without a triple bogey... I was 64th after the first two days (78-75) and fought all the way back to 11th by shooting one under one over third and fourth round respectively. The best performance of my life even with that nasty triple in there.
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