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Go ahead and post details of a BLOW UP hole so we know we're not the lone ranger out there - Page 2

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A few months ago, I was in the Warren, MI area for work and I went to go and play 9 holes with a coworker.  We went to a busy city course and we had to tee off before an evening league got started.  This is my first year golfing and I was not accustomed to having people stand around and watch me, let alone 40!  I volunteered to go first and I was incredibly nervous and stiff with all of those guys talking and staring at me.  I swung really hard and must have caught the ball with the heel of the club because it sharply veered to my left into a metal equipment shed about 10 yards away from me...BANG!!  It got quiet for a moment, then all of those guys pointed at me and laughed as hard as they could..as if I didn't wear pants into the office or something....horrible...I think I ended up with a 10!

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In a tournament:


1 - Driver - left to cart path, hits tree, kicks left...  a foot OB....  Back to the tee box (that dreaded long walk, yes I was walking)

2 - Penalty - OB

3 - (From tee)  Driver - left again right of cart path

4 - Wedge - hits the one and ONLY branch... dead branch maybe 6" thick that was about 30 feet in the air on the right of the tree....  Ball bounces back and hits my stand bag

5 - Penalty (ball hit my bag)   - I kept my head  - That yea really? feeling lol... I'm thinking okay, stick it take 7 for triple and get out... 

6 - Wedge -  (from location of 4th shot pretty much) flighted a little lower...   Lands just short of green (going straight at the pin!) and hits sprinkler head  - ball goes 30 feet in the air over the green OB!!! ----  Had to walk back after we found my ball in the back yard by about 5 feet....  FUMING AT THIS POINT!!!!!  - and I have to walk back.... AGAIN.... lol...

7 - Penalty - OB

8 - Wedge from same place as shot 6 (almost same as 4th shot) stick it 6 inches

9 - Made putt  FOR A FREAKING 9


PS... In a college tournament lol....   yea, we didn't count my score that day... I was DONE!  I don't think I said another word the entire round...  I apologized to the guys after the round that I shut down after that hole - luckily it was on 14 - I still want to break that freaking sprinkler head... I hate them!  put something on them!

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I've had too many blowup holes to remember just one...LOL  I try to forget them!



One blowup round comes to mind....I was playing in a club tourney about 15 years ago when I was about a 8HC................and carded a 94!  LOL

It was the first event of the spring and the wind was HOWLING!  Still...that's no excuse! 

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Par 3, 218 yards. It is somewhat downhill so I hit a 4 iron today. I pull-hooked it into some deep rough pin-high left, with a tree between me and the green. I took every precaution not to hit the tree, and of course I hit the tree and bounced back across the cart path behind me. My third shot, a punch with a 6-iron, hit the curb of the cart path and came back into approximately the same position. I then hit the tree again, but this time I got through and ended up in a bunker short right of the green. I hit a bad bunker shot to about 30 feet from the pin and 3-putted for an 8 - no penalties, and 7 of the shots taken from within 30 yards of the green. 

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For the first time that I can remember, I played a weekend so well that I didn't have a real bad blow up. We'll see what happens this week if this rain ever lets up.

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My worst one came just a week ago. 10th hole at a super-tough course (Woodington Lake - Legend course). The hole is about 430 yards long in a sort've hockey stick shape (goes straight then turns slightly right and starts going uphill to the green, with massive downhill slopes protecting the green). I hit my first drive and it's left OB. I take another drive and it just catches the left rough, but on a bad downhill lie about 200 yards to the hole. I hit a 3H and nearly fall over from the angle of the lie and the ball goes left at the bottom of one of these slopes. I'm left with a 50 foot hill in front of me, so I hit a 50* wedge. I think it's on the green so I run up the hill and find it's not there, but at the bottom of the hill on the other side. I run down that hill, hit the same shot except it goes short and into a greenside bunker, I chip out of the bunker and two-putt for who knows what (didn't even bother counting it then).

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Thankfully this did not happen to me but it did happen to my friend I was golfing with that day (now this is golf in it's most honest form) Par 4 slight dog leg right, trees on both sides of the fairway (lots of trees).My buddy lost his first ball off the tee now shooting 3. fourth shot hits a tree and gets stuck in some ugly mess of long very long grass. We stop paying attention to our buddy cause it seems like he is just frustrated with this hole. finally he takes his next shot and eventually gets on the green and either 2 or 3 putts I jokingly say I'll give you a 10 really thinking he shot either a 7 or 8. He replies "10! I'll take that!" My other buddy and I start laughing. He replies with 16!!! I said no seriously what did you take that hole? he replies once again with 16. I asked him how the heck (it was not so pg13) did you get a 16? 3 off the tee 4th into the tree 5th out of the tree and then your putts which was 2 or 3. I count 7 or 8. He replies with it took him almost 10 strokes to get out of that tree. Every time he swung at the ball he missed it and because it was not a practice swing he counted it, every single stroke! Now that is being honest!

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Two weeks ago I'm playing 9 after work. Tee off on a par 4 with my driver. It goes its usual 190 yards or so with a slight fade. Not too bad if I do say so myself I think as I walk up to my ball. I check my phone to see the distance to the hole... about 180 yards give or take. I pull out my 7 wood, swing and hit the ball ok. Good flight of the ball as it sails towards the green. Nice shot I think to myself... I might get a birdie here.


I watch my ball as it flies towards the green and stops short in the sand trap guarding the right front of the green. So much for birdie I think as I grab my sand wedge and head to the beach. 3rd swing and the ball flies up in a spray of sand only to land in the same bunker 10 feet away. I walk over to the ball and swing again. The ball takes flight, soars just far enough to hit the wall of the bunker and roll back to its original position. I swing again. The ball skulls out of its lie and hits the lip of the bunker... then rolls right back to where I'm standing. I swing again. The ball is still in the bunker after hitting the wall again and rolling at my feet. I bend over, pick the ball up, and throw it on the green and stop counting beyond 8.


2 holes later, the same thing happens. This time it's a par 3 approximately 180 yards. Not trusting my irons, I grab my 7 wood and smack the ball. It flies towards the left side of the green... and lands squarely in the center of the sand trap. 5 more shots in the bunker and I finally get my ball out of there without having to resort to picking the ball up... I happily look up from my time in the bunker to see my ball roll off of the back of the elevated green. Again, I stopped counting my shots after 6.


Bunkers seem to be my thing right now. Last week when I played I was in about 3 of them... I guess something's telling me I need to practice with my bunker game because it's horrific right now.

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I had very nearly suppressed the memory of this horror, but this thread got the gears turning.


In the late days of March, I had a rare tax-season Sunday off and it was warm enough to golf for the first time in quite a while. My bruv and a buddy played Yankee Trace in Centerville, OH. On the driving range, It was obvious that my swing had suffered. After a poor first couple of holes, my buddy (a nice guy who thinks he ought to be a coach) hits me with the "keep your head down." I took that a bit too much to heart and lost balls because I didn't look up in time to see the ball. I was fit to be tied by the 17th and that's where the bomb dropped.


1st - Sliced the driver into the woods

2nd - Penalty

3rd - Pulled driver hard, but I saw the ball bounce into what looked like a clearing in the rough. Instead of the ball I found a creek I hadn't realized was there. There was no way on earth I was going back to the tee. I took two pens on the drop

4th - Penalty

5th - Penalty

6th - Shanked a mid-iron into the woods. 

7th - Penalty

8th - Hit a tree square with a mid-iron and had to dodge the ball coming back at me

9th - Clobbered the ball into a bunker to the right of the green.


That's where I picked it up. I couldn't see straight anymore and just went up to the 18th tee and tossed the card in the garbage.


After that was as close to quitting golf as I have ever got.  Between work and weather, it was late April before I played again, but by then I was ready to get back at it.

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This happened yesterday on a 390-yard par 4.


1st - Driver pull-hooked into the woods. 

2nd - Penalty.

3rd - Weak driver into the right rough. 

4th - 6-iron topped into a fairway bunker.

5th - 6-iron topped (barely) out of the fairway bunker.

6th - 7-iron into the left rough.

7th - Sand wedge over the green.

8th - Sand wedge skulled back into the front fringe.

9th - Bad putt left about 6 feet short.

10th - 2nd putt missed.


I might even have left a shot or two out, and that is 11 strokes, only one of which was a penalty.

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Don't know how to describe them in detail there are so many of them. But they usually result in a horrible drive, drilling a tree and it coming right back to me, lol. Not getting out of a bunker... And then once I get to the green, a 3 putt from inside 10 ft... Oh yes I am the master of 3 putting from inside 10 ft.
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There was a course where I used to live that had a par 3 around 160 yards. more times then I would like to mention I would go water water on my first 2 shots...I know what some are thinking it happens pull or push the ball maybe come up short...NOPE water was a creek maybe 30 yards up from the tee box lol the following hole is a par 3 125 yards with the same creek running about 40 yards from the tee box...man I tell you after you plunk 2 in the creek the last thing you want to see is the same creek same distance on the next hole lol The real kicker is, it shouldn't really even come into play! 

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Par 5 525 creek 20 yards from green crossing the fairway.


1st driver to left side of the fairway, nice

2nd skulled into left rough 20 yards or so

3rd got under it pop fly 10 yards still in left rough

4th straight 10 yards from creek left rough

5th skulled into the creek

6th drop

7th flop short of the green

9th bump and run On The Green

two putts later I am runnin' off that hole woo hoo

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Dog leg left par 4 that demands accuracy off the tee otherwise you have no shot in to the green.

1st shot sliced right in to "the valley of death".
2nd shot chipped up on the the fairway in the hope of giving myself a wedge in from 140 yards BUT leaving it short with about 175 in to the green.
3rd shot shanked - lost ball.
4th drop
5th chunked in to water.
6th drop.
7th shanked - lost ball and still in same position as the 3rd shot.
8th drop.
9th fat about 20 yards BUT no shank and avoided water!
10th fat shot and straight in to water!
11th drop.
12th FINALLY on the green but thinned about 30 yards from hole!!!
13th ONE PUTT!!!!!

Worst hole of my life and over the course of four holes added almost 40 shots to my score card!!!!

Honestly, you low cappers have no idea! :)


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Just shot 44 on the front and was feeling like I left a lot of strokes out there, so I buttoned it up and I was +1 for the next 4 holes. Came to a narrow par 5 that I really should have played with a 3 hybrid.


Tee shot: Driver. Caught some trees 50 yds down, dropped behind a tree,

2nd shot: Punched out backwards to far in the woods on the other side.

3rd shot: A drop

4th shot: Duck hooked into the trees

5th: Drop (Already steaming at this point)

6th: Duffed maybe 30 yards

7th: Green side bunker

8th: on the green 


3-putt for an 11. I told my friend that I was playing the next 4 holes at Even par, bet $10 on that...I won that $10 to shoot an 87

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During the local city junior tournament I had one hole that really stunk.


Shot 1: 3-iron off the tee, into the middle of the fairway

Shot 2: The pin is tucked way back and I have 105 left. I hit a 60* which just flies the green and hits a bank, kicking down past the next teebox and within an inch of OB.

Shot 3: The ball is resting just barely inside the OB wire, but to hit it I have to straddle the wire and flip my wrists to get the clubhead to the ball. Pitch hits a tree and drops

The ball is behind a ballwasher, so I take relief from an immovable obstruction

Shot 4: This second pitch from behind the green comes up just barely short of the hole, and rolls back down to the collar of the rough.

Shot 5: A chip that has way too much on it and hits the stick to bounce 10' away

Shot 6: Putt that comes nowhere near the hole

Shot 7: 4' comeback putt to save triple

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During a mini-vacation last week, playing nine one evening, 3-over through 4 (Good for me).... # 5 is a Par 5 dogleg Right:


1- Tee shot entered the bunker I aimed at in the dogleg, thinking I wouldn't hit it if I aimed at it.

2- Clean lie, and a lucky swat at it left second shot on the fringe, in front, no more than 12-14' from the pin. 

(Here is where the initial sin was committed, as I'm thinking Eagle or Birdie).

3- Third shot, chip, goes several feet beyond.

4- Putt coming back goes maybe three feet past. 

5- I missed the par putt, and promptly broke the head of the putter off against the closest tree. 


Normally would not call a bogey a blow up hole, but when it took me four strokes from 13', I damned sure blew up. Did get a new putter out of the deal..........

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I was going to post the triple I had, but after reading all the 9-10-11-12's, in detail, I'm feeling better.

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