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Hi Everyone!

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Hi! I'm new to the forum and to Golf to an extent. I'm 23, from Greater London and have *technically* played since I was a child, but I never played consistently due to anger and concentration problems. You might be able to tell by my username! Anyway I've recently started playing consistently, hoping to play twice a week with a session at a driving range or two thrown in as I have been doing for the past few weeks.


I'm only playing 9 holes at the moment, generally ending with a score of about 60-65 on average which is an improvement as I've seen scorecards from a few years back and there were a few 70s and 80s in there.  I'm pretty hopeless when driving off, however my putting has improved and I'm coming close to finishing most green's within 2 puts.


Anyway, I thought this would be a good place to get some tips! At the moment my biggest problem seems to be just hitting the ball correctly, the main reason why my scoring is so high is because I can hit a bogey or par on one hole, and then hit 5 or 6 over on another...long holes and short gains I've told myself! I'm sure the natural swing will come to me in the end, but I'm enjoying it all anyway even with the hole's I'd wish would swallow me up ha.

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Welcome to the forum!  Playing 9 is a great way to start.


There are a bunch of placed to get tips.  Check out the Swing Thoughts and Instruction and Play Tips section.  If you have a question, try searching for it first.  Otherwise ask and we'll point your in the right direction.  You can also post a video of your swing.  Experienced players and several instructors are on the forum and they can give you pointers as well.


Swing Thoughts

Thanks for joining!
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Welcome to the site. We all have blow up holes. Hopefully you will learn how to have better misses. This is a great place to learn how.

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Welcome to TST. There's a ton of great info. on how to get better at playing golf on this site. There's hours and hours of good reading to help your game, and we have some really knowledgeable people here to help too. Enjoy your stay, and have fun playing. 

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Welcome to TheSandTrap! Golf is hard, but we still love it.

Explore, ask questions, post your swing! We look forward to your contributions and seeing you improve!
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