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Shipping clubs for a trip

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I've never been on a buddies trip but I'm doing one in October.  Wondering if anyone on here has shipped clubs to the location instead of paying for baggage fees.  Also trying to get reviews of services that ship clubs.  Any help would be appreciated.

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I've never done it but a friend of mine shipped his clubs via FedEx and said it worked great.  He travels for his work and was meeting his family in AZ during spring training.  He shipped his clubs on Monday before he flew out to work and when he flew into AZ, the clubs where at the hotel waiting for him.  I think round trip was about $150, he said it was much easier than lugging them thru the airport.

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I used Shipsticks.com and it was extremely pleasant.


After you setup your trip, put the dates in ship sticks to get costs and delivery dates. After that, all I had to do was print the ship sticks provided shipping labels and have my clubs boxed. Ship sticks schedules a delivery pickup (or you can drop-off at many locations) both ways.


I think I paid about $75 total for shipping to and from for my vacation from Illinois to Phoenix, AZ


I highly recommend them

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Shipsticks picked up my clubs a day late going and a day late coming back, so I wasn't impressed.  If it had only happened one way I'd have given them a pass but after knowing they messed up shipping them out I'd have hoped they'd make sure the return trip was handled properly, no such luck.


They basically take the legwork out of you having to go to a FedEx or UPS store, but in the end that would have been easier for me.  I won't use them again.

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Any FedEx Office location has the reusable shipping boxes for golf clubs.  Obviously, you have to buy the box and pay shipping both ways.  Here's what the wife and I do:


The FedEx golf club box is 12 x 12 x 48" long.  It easily holds a cart bag filled with 14 clubs with room to spare.  We put everything ELSE we need for a 3-4 day golf vacation inside the box as well.  This includes (mine) all my golf clothes, shoes, tennis shoes, flip-flops, clothes that I'll be wearing before and after golf, stuff like sunscreen, hats and pretty much anything else I think I might need.


We pack the boxes, tape them up, print round trip labels (don't forget to put the return label inside the box to relabel for return) affix label and drop them off at FedEx Office for Ground (surface) transport to wherever we're going.  You have to check service days from your place to wherever you are going to determine what day to ship.  FedEx Ground has delivered our boxes on time each time and had them waiting at the hotel / resort each time prior to our arrival.


Packing everything inside the golf club boxes means we're able to travel with one small suitcase that can be gate checked.  That contains enough stuff so that if the clubs are misrouted or show up a day late, we have essentials with us.


FedEx is a great service for shipping your clubs and anything else you can put in that box.  I think our boxes have been shipped out and back home about 4 times now.  Boxes need a bit of 'taping-up' to make sure the contents are safe, but other than that, great experience shipping this way.  You don't want to watch my wife try to navigate an airport with her golf bag in a travel bag with wheels.  Not pretty. And I can't manage two by myself AND our bags.


Shipping the clubs and everything else you can fit in that box makes way too much sense anymore.



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i travel fairly often for work with clubs. i find its just easier and cheaper to check them at the airport. the one time i did, i used fedex. i seem to recall it costing around 140 bucks round trip

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