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First re-gripping job...any tips?

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I just did my first re-gripping job on my 5 hybrid and 48* wedge.  I have a few questions and would like to hear any tips on this.


I had to wrestle these things on there...like a lot.  I knew they were cheap grips going into it (Medalist...Golf Pride Tour Velvet knockoffs from Golfsmith).  I also knew they were thinner than the normal Tour Velvet grips.  Because of this I did use a lot of tape....three strips from the end of the shaft to the bottom of the grip and two strips tapered up from that.


It was hard to start the grips on to the end of the club.  Is that normal?  I poured some mineral spirits into the grip and onto the taped part of the shaft and tried to push the grips on and it was a battle.  Should it be that tough?  The work bench was shifting around and it is pretty heavy.  I bought 3 grips.  The first one was lumpy and messed up so I cut it off and tried again.  I think the adhesive part of the tape was bunching up in certain spots...but don't really know.


The grips seem thinner on my top hand (left hand...right handed golfer) and thicker on my bottom hand than the Tour Velvet grips that I have on my irons.  I am guessing that is just the grips?  I did taper the strips of tape so it should be thicker toward the top of the club.

Would they feel more normal if they were the Tour Velvets or did I do I wrong?


And also could use some help on knowing if I should get .600"grips or .580 grips?  standard or midsized?






TL;DR:  I would like to hear any tips anybody has on re-gripping clubs...or any other club building tips.  I will also have some re-shafting questions later too....thanks!

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I just cut the tape about 3/8 inch longer than the grip and wrap it around the shaft so that extra 3/8 inch is overhanging the end of the shaft. That way I can tuck the excess into the shaft and that assures that it can't slide down as I put the grip on.


I hold the taped end over a plastic container with the end pointing downward. Then I cover the tape with charcoal lighter fluid (because that's what I always have handy). The excess lighter fluid goes into the container.


Then I put the end of the grip into the fluid in the container to get it wet and slip it on. Never had a problem.


Or you can do this, which is easier.

I did all of my grips that way for a while but I had a grip slip during a round and haven't done it since. Never heard of anybody else having that problem though.


Edit: BTW when I'm done I pour the excess lighter fluid in the container back into the bottle so I don't waste any.

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Thanks for the reply and information!  If it is really hard to push on...with the grip bunching up and all... do i just need to use more fluid for lubrication?  Do I need a grip with a different core size?  Am I using too much tape?


The air compressor method looks interesting.....

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I would not consider putting my grips on without the compressor ... You can find compressor attachments online ...

Without a compressor I would take mine to golf smith ... So many places do it cheap ...
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My tip......



Drop your clubs off at a shop and let somebody do it who does it for a living.  IMO...it's not worth the hassle to DIY. 

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I regrip clubs semiprofessionally. I work at a Play It Again Sports and we will regrip clubs. I've regripped about forty clubs so far and it does take some practice. Two things: get a roll off tape instead of the strips. Apply the tape from about a half inch from where the new grip will end, run tape to the butt of the shaft then over it. Apply the tape down the opposite side of the shaft. Smooth out the tape. After you remove the backing come the most important part. Saturate the inside of the grip and the full length of the tape. Use a lot of solvent. When you think its enough use more. Also you may have to start the grip at an angle to get it on the shaft. It should slide on there easily.
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+1 on the compressor.  It makes it so easy.  I use a ball pump needle in a trigger gun and insert it inside to hole on the end of the grip.  I also just got a Pure Grips installer gun and it works great too. Follow @MS256 advise on the tape as well.  I also put a towel over the shaft while doing this to keep the solvent off the shaft.

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I regrip my clubs and it gets easier - I wish I had the air compressor setup, but I don't (yet).


Solvent - use a lot - it's easy

Solvent - use too little - it's really a pain in the butt


I've gotten caught a couple times lately with not using enough and it always frustrates me.  They slide on pretty easy when done right.



it's a super easy thing to do in general, no matter how you do it

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I have regripped my own clubs and others for 40 years. Follow the above tips and you'll have no problem.

I use the wide double side tape that will wrap lengthwise around the shaft. I put one edge of the tape down the shaft lengthwise. I then wrap it around the club by running my thumb up and down the tape to make sure there are no bubbles. I pour mineral spirits (can be any of above mentioned solvents) into the grip and thoroughly swish the inside of the grip. I pour the fluid on the tape. I have a pan underneath the club to catch the fluid. I scoop a little from the pan and run it down the tape to make sure it is completely wet. I then slide that baby on. Easier than a condom.

Key point is to make sure you overlap a little of the tape on the open butt end of the shaft and curl it inside the shaft. Orient the grip so that when it is slid on, you won't have to do much adjusting. Some grips are ribbed. They all have markings etc that you want to look nice. You don't want them waivering all over the place. You want the markings consistent from club to club. I use a mini funnel to pour the excess solvent from the pan into the next grip. It spills a little but it's the garage. Don't regrip in he living room. a1_smile.gif

BTW, don't use gasoline. Too dangerous and caustic. Acetone doesn't work well either. Dries too quick. I like low odor mineral spirits. Takes a little longer to dry. I always let mine dry overnight. Never had a slip.

I use the air compressor to take grips off only if I want to save them. Otherwise it's the knife. Doesn't the air compressor work for select grips like Pure or would it work for all?
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I'll be showing my son-in-law how to regrip his irons tomorrow.
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Thanks for all the help guys.  I think that I just didn't use enough mineral spirits and that made it difficult to get them on.  Also, these cheap Medallist grips are very thin...even with the extra tape...and they are not very tapered.  Might just have to spend the money and go with the Golf Prides next time....Thanks!

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