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Why are wedges important?

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I only have 2 wedges in my bag, 44° PW and 50° GW, I open the face with both and get the same result as a lob wedge
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Great question. I'm sure some people will be along to help you shortly.

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Originally Posted by HockeyGolfer18 View Post

I only have 2 wedges in my bag, 44° PW and 50° GW, I open the face with both and get the same result as a lob wedge


A few quick answers, and maybe others can elaborate more:

  • Wedges are versatile, but there's no changing the fact that when you open up a club that much, you change the way the bounce interacts with the ground, what part of the club is exposed, your path across the ball, and several other factors that you may not wish to change.
  • A 60° club can easily be opened up to 70°. Taking your 50° up that far introduces a lot of the hosel to the path across the ball.
  • We get 14 clubs, so a third wedge gives you more options: you can hit square 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full shots with three different trajectories instead of two. 


All that said I played for years with a 48 and a 56, and I do think it teaches you a bit of creativity, so by all means keep using the ones you have and hold off on the 56-60° wedges if you'd like.

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I would say from 50 to 120 yards, I love having three wedges. For me, I have my wedges labeled with 4 different backswing position yardages. This way I have a wide range of yardages and trajectories. If I need to hit one a bit higher or take a bit off I can always modify the set up a bit. 


For me, I don't like to really modify my set up too much. So it is nice to have a 52 degree I can hit lower with out that much forward shaft lean or putting it way back in the stance. I also like I have a 60 degree that I can hit it pretty softly with out having to open it wide up.


Around the green I am usually a one wedge type of guy. Just your standard pitch shot, lets say 5 yards off the green. I'll pull the 56 majority of the time. 


Still, I rather not have to do to much with the wedges to create a shot. Does

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I carry 4 wedges.  A 64, 60, SW, and PW.  I can step on all of them a bit, which is my preferred shot if I'm in between clubs.  If I'm inside of 50 yards, I simply play a long pitch with the SW or 60.  I consider these clubs to be the most important scoring clubs in my bag outside of the driver.

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I carry 3, PW, 52 and 58.  This provides many options. If I had only the 52, it would reduce success on pitch shots that require a soft landing even if I opened up the face.  There is more margin for error with the 58 and the face more square.

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Currently I carry 3, 47* pw a 54* and a 58* I really like the options it gives me and am contemplating taking out my 3 iron and adding a 60 something wedge either 62 or 64, most likely 64 just for certain situations. I never use my 3 iron it just sits in the bag and gets in the way. So I figure an added wedge would be nice. But thats just me. It is more of a personal preference. I think they are very helpful cause I'm not good with opening and closing club club faces and getting multiple options from a particular club. 

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I have played with as many as five, depending on the course. I generally try and think ahead to see what conditions I have both course design and how damp the ground is.

If it's a firm condition day and a more penal course around the greens, I put a 64 degree wedge in the bag. My home course is like this, so I swap a lot there.

My full compliment is 46 (pw from my iron set) , 50, 56, 60 and 64. All have differing bounces but are more geared for softer conditions, which is what I usually play.

It gives me a lot of options from 130 in and I am very comfortable with half and three-quarter shots instead of full shots.

All in all, you should play what you know. I played last month with a guy who had a pitching wedge and a 60, nothing in between. Every shot around the green he laid the 60 open and hit the ball harder or softer to suit the length of the shot. It worked for him.
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I have a 50* PW, 56* SW (12* bounce), 60* LW (8* bounce?) and 68* LW (0* bounce). I use the 60* fo most lobs and pitches around the green. The 68* LW is great for those shots where you have to stop it on a dime. I don't like opening up my 60* too much. I've had the 68* for a few weeks and I think I've gotten up and down with it every time I've used it. And I only use it in extreme situations like short side greens or when I absolutely can't afford any roll out of a chip (such as on a ridge). It took a few hours of practice to get the range down, but it sings now.
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Originally Posted by HockeyGolfer18 View Post

I only have 2 wedges in my bag, 44° PW and 50° GW, I open the face with both and get the same result as a lob wedge

You think you do. You don't.

You will have bounce and margin for error issues.

Maybe with a 56 - as everyone used to, but not a 50.

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